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It’s Possible to Feel Confident with PCOS

Hair Today Gone Forever

Lorena’s Story: Feel Confident with PCOS –

Lorena is a customer at our El Paso location. She purchased a Full Leg Laser Hair Removal package 2 years ago, and due to having PCOS it took 9 treatments to achieve 90% hair free status. In the beginning her pain level was a little higher than we would have liked, but after some setting adjustments, her pain dropped to a 1 or 2 for the remainder of her treatments.

Lorena is very happy to have seen the progress. What she loves most is no longer having to shave or wax.

“It has saved so much time,” said Lorena, “and its given me more confidence when wearing skirts or shorts.” 

The next packages on Lorena’s wishlist – underarms and bikini line!

*Photo is model, not real patient. Results may vary.

Learn more about living with PCOS


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, is a health condition that affects about 10 million women in the world.

The exact cause is unknown, but it is considered a hormonal problem. Genetics and environmental factors are believed to be involved in the development of PCOS. It is a leading cause of female infertility and is responsible for a number of symptoms that can affect the body physically and emotionally.

90% Hair-Free Chin

HF AllegraLoy

Allegra’s Story: 90% Hair-Free Chin –

Allegra’s mother contacted us early this year to discuss options for some annoying facial hair that Allegra was dealing with. Her free consultation was booked, and after meeting with clinic staff, they decided to  purchase 6 treatments for her chin area.

Allegra was a slow responder, but by following the doctor’s medical protocol of evaluation and setting changes, we were able to help Allegra become hair-free by her 6th treatment! She is at 90% hair-free success, and decided to continue her hair-free journey by purchasing another package!

“It was scary at first,” said Allegra, “I really didn’t think it was going to work. However, I was pleasantly surprised and now I am hair free!”

*Results may vary.

Results After My 2nd Session

HF Ama Magali

Magali’s Story: Results after my 2nd session –

Magali purchased one of our Bestsellers – a Full Beard package – at our Amarillo location. Due to stubborn hair, and living part time in Mexico, it’s taken several extra sessions to achieve the desired end results. However, her hair growth had slowed down almost immediately. 

“I started showing results after my 2nd session.” says Magali. “I was happy with the results coming up so fast. I am super happy with becoming 90% hair free. Having to not shave all the time is a blessing! I thank the American Laser Med Spa Team! “

Magali is now a proud member of our Hair-Free Club.

*Results may vary.

I no longer have to shave or wax

HF Lub Sally

Sally’s Story: No longer having to shave or wax –

Sally is a customer at our Lubbock location. She had purchased a Groupon for upper lip, but realized during her consultation the benefits of upgrading to a full face package – including the 2 years of free maintenance! This would ensure that she received the optimal results she was looking for.

Sally was 60% hair free by her 3rd treatment, even though the hair on her upper lip and chin was coarse and a bit more resistant. In less than 8 months, she is now considered hair-free! Except for one random hair, she is happy to be 95% hair free on her chin, and 85-90% hair free on her beard line and the corners of her upper lip.

What Sally loves most about Laser Hair Removal is the time she saves by no longer having to shave or wax!

*Results may vary.

Great place for Laser Hair Removal

Tips for Getting Rid of Dark Underarms

Alejandra’s Story: Great place for laser hair removal –

Alejandra has been a customer of our El Paso clinic for over a year, and just recently completed her underarms Laser Hair Removal package. She graciously left the following review for us on Google:

Great place for this type of treatment. I’ve been going for a bit over a year with visits every third month for my underarms – with great results. My most pleasant appointment was a few months ago, when Corinna took care of me. She was very kind, attentive and very patient with my many questions about the end of my treatment and the next steps. She made me feel welcomed and right at home!!! She was very gentle and made the visit less painful! She also bent over backwards working with my crazy schedule that kept changing, due to my work, as I tried to schedule my appointments. It’s a clean facility, nice environment, and I was in and out of my appointments without too much of a wait.

We’re very happy to see that Alejandra had such a great experience with us. Although she has now moved away, we look forward to seeing her again someday in the near future!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Results – it works!

HF EP NancyBentley

Nancy’s Story: Results –

Nancy just completed her  Laser Hair Removal package for underarms at our clinic in El Paso. During her final visit she told us that she was extremely happy with her results, and hadn’t needed to shave since her last treatment, which was 3 months ago!

Nancy said she was thrilled to have achieved 90% hair-free status by her 5th treatment. She claims she only has 1 small hair under each arm now, and no longer needs to shave. Plus… she felt no pain from the laser, or any discomfort from the ice. 

She wishes she could have chosen multiple options on our hair-free wishlist form, but with the completion of her underarms, she has now treated her entire body and doesn’t have a concern with hair growth any longer. Nancy says that she loves her smooth, hair-free underarms, and she’d be speaking to her friends about us. We love hearing those words!

*Results may vary.

My Face Looks and Feels Great!


Cecy R.’s Microneedling Treatment –

Cecy is a customer of our El Paso clinic, and had come in during the holidays asking about foto-facials and microdermabrasion. She said her concern was that her skin was uneven and she was starting to get wrinkles and had let herself go. Our technician told her we didn’t perform either, but that we had something else [microneedling] that could be amazing for her skin, and could help her reduce those issues… AND give her the confidence she was looking for. Cecy mentioned she had received Microneedling once before and was absolutely in love with it. She also was thrilled to hear we had a promotion and immediately agreed to start her 4 treatment package.

Cecy was extremely happy to have seen results with just one microneedling treatment. Wrinkles were diminished, severe acne scarring under her chin showed significant progress, hyper-pigmentation had almost disappeared completely, and her nose looked tighter. She was so happy, she referred a friend! With each treatment her face showed more improvement and people were taking notice. She had also received a complimentary Ultrasonic treatment during the winter and saw the difference in her skin immediately – it looked and felt hydrated. She loved it!

Cecy just completed her 4th microneedling treatment and has noticed a huge improvement from acne scarring, pigmentation, texture, small wrinkles, to even the elasticity of her skin. She says even her confidence “boosted like crazy.”

“My face looks and feels great,” said Cecy. This happy customer plans on returning soon, this time for more ultrasonic treatments!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

It was a GREAT decision!

It was a GREAT decision!

J S’s Story: A Great Decision –

“I was tired of shaving my underarm area because it caused irritations and pigmentation from years of shaving. I read good reviews about this spa so I decided to give it a try — it was a GREAT decision!” says JS, “Even though I have a darker olive complexion, I saw results after 2-3 laser hair removal treatments. By my 6th treatment, I was only shaving about once every 6-8 weeks. The staff here is super friendly and all the techs are amazing. Very pleasant experience!”

JS is now a happy member of our Laser Hair Removal – Hair-Free “club”!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

10 out of 10 Recommend

10 out of 10 Recommend

10 out of 10 Recommend: Christina’s Story –

Christina is a customer at our El Paso clinic and left us the following Microneedling review on Google:

“This place is awesome! The staff are all so, so kind and professional and the atmosphere doesn’t at all feel like a doctor’s office – cold and slightly intimidating. It feels very warm, relaxed, and friendly. Ask for Corinna! She really does care about her patients and she does her absolute best to help you, I promise you.

I’m going to be on my third vampire facial [microneedling] so far and I can’t wait to see the results after a few more treatments. I had pretty bad acne from like 15 – 19 years old and on top of that I did a lot of sports and NEVER wore sunscreen. Though I’m 23 now and I don’t have very many breakouts anymore, I’m still really self conscious about the scarring and dullness of my skin after so many years of not knowing how to take care of it. This has really helped boost my confidence and I can already see an improvement in the texture of my skin. I 10/10 recommend.”

*Results may vary.

All Four Areas Hair Free

All Four Areas Hair Free

Hair Free: Lea Ann’s Story –

Lea Ann took advantage of one of our Holiday specials in 2016 and began Laser Hair Removal on three areas. She saw improvement immediately and two months later she bought an in-house Groupon, plus received another area for 50% OFF!

Now, a little over a year later, she is officially 90% Hair-Free on all four areas, and one of our latest customers to join our hair-free “club” and receive her “I Am Beautiful” t-shirt!

“I originally came in for just my face, but decided after a few weeks to add my feet, underarms and bikini line,” says Lea Ann. “The hair on my face was getting ridiculous because of my age and hormones. It is so nice not having to worry about a mustache, and I love not having to shave my underarms! I feel much more confident without having to worry about it any more.”

On Google , Lea Ann wrote “All three of the ladies that have helped me have been wonderful! They always call and check to see how I’m doing a few days after my appointment. Highly recommend this!!”

*Results may vary.

Bra Fat Is The Worse

CS BA Flanks

Bra Fat Amarillo

Lisa’s Story –

“I absolutely hated the bra fat that had developed as I got older and less active in the gym. I tried to find bras that were wide and covered it, but that didn’t work. It’s like having love handles under the arms. 😖 I could feel it when I would put on lotion and hated it. So that was the first place I knew I wanted to try CoolSculpting® on.

I only had 1 round of 4 small treatments, but I can see results in my first set of photos. (I haven’t received my 60 days photos yet.) I was told that the average is 20-25% fat reduction so I didn’t expect it to be gone all at once. There’s definitely less to pinch as I reach around too. I do plan on getting a 2nd round done to eliminate the fat altogether.

So far I’m very pleased and can’t wait to see the results after the 2nd round!”

*Results may vary.












Makes Me Feel Beautiful

Makes Me Feel Beautiful

Beverly’s Story –

Beverly came to us through Groupon in 2015 and began Laser Hair Removal on her under arms. Two years later, she decided to continue her hair-free journey and purchased two more packages for BBE and lower legs.

A year later she is now 90% hair-free on her lower legs, and only a couple treatments away from being hair-free on her BBE.

“It’s an amazing feeling not having to shave anymore!” says Beverly. “I can’t even remember the last time I bought razors. It saves time, money and makes me feel beautiful!”

*Results may vary.

Best Decision I’ve Ever Made!

Chelsie’s Story –

If someone asked me what my biggest flaw was, I always answered my underarms. I went through puberty early, which meant I started shaving early. By the time I had reached high school, my underarms had that green/black tint, sort of like a 5 o’clock shadow at all times of the day, from years of shaving everyday; sometimes even 2 times a day. I was embarrassed to wear tank tops, bathing suits, and/or anything that would show my underarms, which was very hard considering I was always outside. Even though summer was my favorite season, I dreaded the thought of having my underarms exposed. I tried everything to make my situation better. I shaved – that obviously didn’t work. I plucked – that was painful and took hours. I bought an epilator – it took the amount of time away, but was still painful, and the hair always came back in less than a week and just as thick. I waxed – same results as the epilator. Finally, my sister found an ad for getting laser hair removal. At this point, I thought, “Why not? I’ve tried it all.”

BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE! It’s been 5 years since my treatments for my underarms and my hairs still grow out very thin as if my underarms just started growing hair. I shave MAYBE once a month, and that’s just to get rid of the little hairs that are starting to become noticeable. The hair growth went from 100% of hair everyday down to 20% of hair after a month. Not only has the treatments helped with the hair growth and thickness, it has also helped with the green/black tint from the previous years of shaving. My underarms no longer have that discoloration and I couldn’t be happier! Summer continues to be my favorite season, I still continue to always be outside, but now, I say, “Bring on the tank tops and bathing suits! I feel flawless!”

Thank you American Laser Med Spa for making me feel like imperfections can be perfected! I highly recommend this facility for any treatments! Being in the sunny city of Corpus Christi, I know this is one of the best decisions for anyone that soaks up the rays and doesn’t want to have to waste any time on shaving/waxing/plucking/etc., or changing their outfit to hide the hair! American Laser Med Spa has given me back all that time and I can wear whatever, whenever!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

I Am Hair-Free!!

I Am Hair-Free!!

Stella’s Story –

Stella, an El Paso customer, came to us with a Groupon last April.

Although our goal is 90% hair gone after the 6th session – which according to the FDA is considered success – we know that due to biology, hormones or other medical issues can cause dormant hair to wake up. This is why we offer a 2-year appearance plan with our full packages. This means, that even after your 6th session, you will be able to have a touch-up done if necessary at no additional charge during the FREE appearance plan time frame. Due to the drastic discounting, this 2-year maintenance is not available with our Groupon offer.

Fortunately for Stella, she has completed her 6 treatments and is very happy to find that she is 90% hair free on her underarms! She understands about the dormant hair follicles and is very content with the over all process.

“Staff was very nice and prompt,” says Stella about the El Paso clinic. And what does she say regarding her Laser Hair Removal experience? “I am hair free!!!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

I Am Beautiful

I Am Beautiful

Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer visited the Lubbock clinic and bought two facial/neck packages from us. It’s taken several extra treatments, but that’s the beauty of our 2-year Appearance Plan – no extra costs for additional treatments for a full 2 years! Jennifer is now 90% hair free!

Although she found some spots more painful than others, she said the progress was well worth it. Being hair-free has helped her self esteem. “Guys are checking me out more!! It’s nice to be checked out!”, says Jennifer, “It’s helping me lose weight, because its boosting my endorphins and that makes me happy!”

Jennifer is one of our Hair-Free customers and received her “I am Beautiful” t-shirt. She gifted it to her mother who absolutely loves it. CoolSculpting® is now on Jennifer’s wishlist, so we hope to see another Customer Success Story from her in the near future.

*Results may vary.

I’ve Never Been Happier

I've Never Been Happier

Leticia’s Story –

“All my life I struggled with facial hair. It was so bad I had to pluck/shave every day, sometimes twice a day. It got so bad that I never wanted to be outdoors. If the sun was out, I was in doors. I was so insecure and worried I may have missed a hair. I didn’t want anyone knowing that I had to pluck/shave. I didn’t want anyone seeing me. So I stayed away from people. I felt so ugly and I hated myself.

I didn’t know why I had so much facial hair. I never talked about it with anyone because I didn’t want anyone knowing. After years of dealing with it I got tired of it and went to the doctor. At the age of 23 I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome).  I cried and cried. I didn’t understand what it was and why I had it. I got so depressed. I felt like I wasn’t normal. I just wanted to be normal like other girls. I didn’t want facial hair.

I was told I could get hormone pills and that the pills would help stop the hair growth; they never helped. Nothing changed. So I gave up and thought this is just my life, there is nothing I can do about it. PCOS wasn’t really known. No one talked about it. At the age of 30 I became a member of a PCOS support group on Facebook. I saw all the stories of the women on there and a weight was lifted off my chest. I was so happy that I wasn’t the only one dealing with this. I started reading what others said they had done to help the hair growth. Eating healthy was one of them. I was overweight, so I decided to start working out and start eating healthy. In 6 months I lost 30 pounds and nothing… still the same. So I read more. Some women had gotten laser hair removal and it worked. I was skeptical but I decided to go in and have a consultation. I was so nervous and scared. I didn’t want people judging me, but I had tried everything and nothing worked. I was tired of it so I went [to American Laser Med Spa]. Everyone was so nice. I never felt pressured or judged. I knew it would take awhile to see improvement, but I saw an improvement in growth two months in. I was ecstatic!

I’ve never been happier in my life. My life has changed so much and I owe it all to [American Laser Med Spa]. I am 34 years old now and a new Real Estate Agent. I have more friends than I ever had because I get out there and no longer seclude myself.”

*Results may vary.

Thrilled With The Results

reduce underarm sweat without surgery blog image BHRC


Trina’s Story –

Trina is a faithful laser hair removal customer of our Corpus Christi clinic. She purchased a $99/mo. bestseller package earlier this year for full legs, and saw such great results, she was ready to begin treatment on more areas. She purchased an in-house Groupon for underarms, then decided on two more areas which she received at a fantastic deal of 50% off.

“I absolutely love Cheska at the Corpus Christi Clinic. The staff here are always wonderful, professional, and accommodating and have gone above and beyond to make me comfortable,” Trina says, “I have noticed a huge difference with regard to my treatment and am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend this location!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary. One Groupon/Living Social voucher per person per service. Ask for details.

110% Recommend

Jen Meso

Jen’s Story –

Jen received two Microneedling treatments at the Amarillo clinic, and plans on purchasing more. She thinks it’s an amazing procedure and loves the results.

“I’ve known Dr. Kanase for several years and admire and respect his honestly and 100% commitment to his practice.” says Jen. “I’ve had struggles with imperfections on my face since early childhood. I’ve always been very active and the typical sun damage/hormonal breakouts that sometimes can leave scars and have unfortunately affected me. I decided to try the microneedling treatment after reading A LOT about it. The treatment involves a pen with needles that puncture tiny tiny holes into your face (which is painless due to numbing cream) allowing the reproduction of collagen and elastin. It took a day or two to heal after the treatment, but I’ve never seen my skin look better! It was smooth and tight and my imperfections seemed to have vanished! I 110% recommend this treatment for absolutely anyone!”

*Results may vary.

Full Body Transformation

Torso purple

Cindy’s Transformation Story –

Cindy found us on Groupon, but fortunately for her, she ended up purchasing a full beard package with the 2-year Appearance Plan. This worked in her favor, as Cindy was a “slow responder”. It took about a year, but Cindy finally achieved 95% hair free status and has become one of our latest Hair-Free customers!

Cindy loved the results so much, she decided to purchase 3 more packages during our Holiday sale. “Loved the experience. Staff is amazing. The hours are flexible.” says Cindy, “I’m thrilled with the results!”

We’re hoping to see Cindy listed here again soon for her CoolSculpting® treatments. She turned out to be a great candidate and had her first procedure on inner thighs. Since each treatment provides 20-25% fat reduction, she opted to do a 2nd round 2 months later, in order to achieve maximum results. We’re all looking forward to seeing her before & after photos! If Cindy keeps this up, we may just have to make her our poster child. 🙂

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Treatment 2 Transformation

RonVeronica BA Abdomen

Veronica’s Treatment 2 Transformation Story –

Veronica attended one of our many CoolSculpting® events in Amarillo. She decided she wanted a complete T2T (Treatment 2 Transformation™) and purchased 9 small areas for the abdomen, waist and flanks. This approach addresses all potential treatment areas, and recommends a sufficient number of treatments in a given area to address the individual patient’s concerns and desired outcomes.

Veronica’s treatment plan was to reduce large volume ares of stubborn fat on her waist, as well as, target her abdomen to sculpt the desired shape and transform her look.

Veronica received all 9 treatments within one week. She came back for her 30 day, and then 60 day photos and loved the results so far!

“CoolSculpting has allowed me to lose the inches in my waist. I look and feel so much better! I am very pleased with my results,” says Veronica, “It is well worth it.”

*Results may vary.


The CoolSculpting procedure can help both women and men get rid of those stubborn bulges for good. The non-invasive treatment works on those pesky love handles that nobody really loves.

The CoolSculpting fat reduction procedure is specially designed for those who are at or near their ideal weight but have unwanted stubborn fat. Are you generally within 30 lbs. of your ideal weight but have areas of excess fat? If so, the CoolSculpting procedure may be able to help you reduce your unwanted stubborn fat. If not, please come speak to us to see if you could benefit from a CoolSculpting treatment.

A Slow Start, but Fantastic Results

A Slow Start, but Fantastic Results

Melinda’s Story –

Melinda has been coming to American Laser Med Spa for 2 years for treatments on her lower legs. She was a slow responder, requiring double the treatments, but now she is 100% hair-free!  She described her legs as “ugly” prior to treatment. The hair follicles were large and the hair thick and coarse. Sometimes there were even two hairs coming out of the same follicle.

“In my younger years my leg hairs were so dark and thick, shaving did not help and it was painful. ” says Melinda, “I always had ingrown hairs and picking at them would scar. Waxing would show the black specks all over my legs. I noticed a huge difference with the first treatment and love the end results! No more shaving, no more waxing, no dark specks and no more ingrown hairs!”

Melinda feels that her legs are now beautiful, and is so happy she decided to start laser hair removal. “They look completely transformed!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Service Is TopNotch

vancouver best laser hair removal service

Kieran’s Story –

“The service here has been topnotch from the very beginning. Details of risk and payment were discussed with me thoroughly and sensitively when I went for my consultations. Their customer rep really worked with me to make sure I was getting the right package for the most value. The staff are amazing, and I look forward to my sessions at least partly to get a chance to visit with them. They’ve always been very accommodating with scheduling issues, which is especially important to me, as I’m usually coming from work in Santa Fe. The staff are meticulous in explaining risks of injury and how best to avoid them; there is a very good reason you need to keep your skin out of the sun while undergoing this process. They are always careful to remind you of before- and after-care, and religiously check in on you after your treatment, to make certain everything is ok. I’ve found them to be extremely sympathetic and solicitous. It is true that [American Laser] Med Spa is a little more expensive than other places might be, but you get what you pay for, and what you pay for in this case is an attending doctor and two full years of follow-up and touch-up treatments, which in my case, have already paid for themselves. Can’t recommend this establishment highly enough!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

You Guys Rock!

HF Ama KarynKhamvongsa

“You Guys Rock!” Karyn’s Story –

Karyn discovered us on Groupon and purchased both Laser Hair Removal and Ultrasonic Facials packages. She had her consultations at the Amarillo location at the end of 2016.

She saw and loved her hair removal results immediately, and wanted to purchase packages for other areas. She took a little detour, however, and decided her next treatment was going to be CoolSculpting®. Karyn had tremendous results there as well! You can see the amazing transformation on her abdomen for yourself, by visiting our CoolSculpting Before & After photos page on our website.

The following summer, Karyn proceeded with her hair-free journey and purchased two more Laser Hair Removal packages. As you can see, she cannot get enough of us!

We’re happy to announce that Karyn became one of our Hair-Free Successes this month! “It’s incredible to never have to tend to that area again! Thank you!,” says Karyn. “The staff here is wonderful! They are professional and friendly, making my visits easy and relaxing! Thank you team, you guys rock!!”

*Results may vary.


The CoolSculpting procedure can help both women and men get rid of those stubborn bulges for good. The non-invasive treatment works on those pesky love handles that nobody really loves.

The CoolSculpting fat reduction procedure is specially designed for those who are at or near their ideal weight but have unwanted stubborn fat. Are you generally within 30 lbs. of your ideal weight but have areas of excess fat? If so, the CoolSculpting procedure may be able to help you reduce your unwanted stubborn fat. If not, please come speak to us to see if you could benefit from a CoolSculpting treatment.

The Answer For PCOS

The Answer For PCOS

Karina’s Story: Answer for PCOS –

Karina submitted the following review regarding her Laser Hair Removal treatments – and a 5 Star rating – on Google, and we’re so very proud to have been able to make her life a little bit better! This is the reason we do what we do!

“To anyone who suffers from PCOS this is the place to go to for amazing results. I’ve had 6 facial treatments so far and my results are amazing. My face is so smooth and the dark shadow is almost all gone. I had soo much hair, I was so embarrassed. I seriously shaved twice a day. I suffered every day. Its painful to wake up knowing you can’t go out without shaving. To anyone who is going through PCOS, this is the answer. I don’t think you can find better services or results. No wait time, the place is very clean and the staff – omgosh they are so sweet, patient and educated.

*Photo is model, not real patient. Results may vary.

Learn more about living with PCOS


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, is a health condition that affects about 10 million women in the world.

The exact cause is unknown, but it is considered a hormonal problem. Genetics and environmental factors are believed to be involved in the development of PCOS. It is a leading cause of female infertility and is responsible for a number of symptoms that can affect the body physically and emotionally.

So Thrilled With The Results!


Katie’s Story –

“I recently met Dr. Kanase through business and once I heard his profession I immediately asked him what to do with a mole I’ve always had and struggled with. I went on to explain the three times I’d had it removed dermatologically and how it always grew back. I have dealt with self consciousness for years of my life and literally gone to a mirror 5-10 times a day to reapply make up to make sure it was covered… although you could always “see” it. The worst part of everything was I could not keep my hands off of it!!! It drove my husband NUTS because most every time he looked at me I was picking at it. It was something I could not stop doing. It became an infatuation!”, Katie explains.

“Dr. Kanase recommended a procedure that he wasn’t sure would work completely but said we should try. It has now been 4 weeks and the mole is completely gone!!! There has also been zero hair growth and no pain. I am ecstatic!!! After the procedure, his staff followed up with me but did not overwhelm me with calls and offers for future treatment. It is the single most wonderful experience I have ever had!!! Thank you American Laser Spa!!!!”

*Results may vary.

Amazing Results


Danny’s Story –

Danny started treatment in November of 2016 at our Corpus clinic. He purchased Full Beard and Feet & Toes packages from us. “I’m happy with the service that I received from American Laser Med Spa. I was skeptical of the services, but after a few treatments, I noticed amazing results! I would highly recommend Laser Hair Removal to all my family and friends.”

“Crystal has been so kind, and very tentative to all my hair removal needs.” says Danny, “The connection I had with her was awesome. From the time I would come in she would recognize me and call me by my name. It felt like a very professional atmosphere. The office was always clean and very inviting. I look forward to being an American Laser Med Spa client. The hospitality and customer service is what always brings me back!”

*Results may vary.

Thankful For CoolSculpting® Technology

CS BA SideClaire

*Results may vary.

Thankful they have this Technology

Claire was already a Laser Hair Removal customer in Amarillo, when she was invited to one of our CoolEvents. Claire says, “I went to see what it was all about, but was skeptical. I wondered if it really worked. I have been exercising regularly and watching my calorie intake, so this event was something that interested me. I was surprised when I won the free small area!”

Claire continues, “I had questions for the staff which they and Dr. Kanase thoroughly answered, so I purchased a 2nd small area and proceeded with the treatments. It wasn’t as painful as I had expected! Afterwards my skin was cold, but not sore. A couple days later, I was sore and had a little bruising, but not enough to interfere with my workouts. I was glad that CoolSculpting® didn’t get in the way of working and everyday life!” Claire exclaimed.

“At about the 6th week, I noticed some of my pants were looser in the waist, but it wasn’t until I went back to the clinic for my 8 week checkup, that I truly noticed the results. Because I see myself every day, I didn’t see the total loss until I saw the measurements and the before and after pictures. I lost three and three-quarters inches! I like that! I’m excited about it! I’m glad I got it. I’m really thankful they have this technology and that I won the Coolsculpting!”

90% Hair-Free Is A Win!

CSS Sarah

Sarah’s Story –

Sarah came to us through Groupon back in August of 2015, and ended up purchasing two additional lower body packages with us in Amarillo. She’s had such great results, that in early 2017, she took advantage of a Laser Hair Removal BOGO special we were running, and purchased two more face packages. She even referred several of her friends to us this year!

Sarah is a perfect example of why we do what we do! “Having more hair than normal has always been something I did not like about myself.” says Sarah, “Through this process, I am hair-free! I feel it is a chapter that I can close and I can live more freely now, without the nuisance of shaving every day.”

“American Laser Med Spa is an excellent company to do business with. Their financing allowed me to do all the hair removal that I wanted at an affordable monthly fee.” Sarah continues, “All the staff I have encountered the last two years have all been professional and friendly. I never had burns. All the staff are well trained, and I don’t feel embarrassed when I leave. They know how to make the awkward moments feel more comfortable. I have had excellent results from Laser Hair Removal. I’m not 100% hair free as I had dreamed, but I believe that 90% hair free is a win also!”

*Results may vary.

Loving My Facials!

Ultrasonic Treatment Midland

Kristie’s Story-

Kristie found us on Groupon and purchased an Ultrasonic Facial package in March. She is very happy with her results, and said she has seen a huge difference in her skin. Once her Groupon treatments were complete, she had planned an additional treatment right before her daughter’s wedding so she could look her very best. While scheduling this appointment, she was excited to hear that she was qualified to purchase a 6-treatment package with us at 50% OFF – which she did.

“I am loving my facials! They have minimized my pores and helped with my wrinkles,” says Kristie. “Dark circles under my eyes have gotten better, and my dry, aging skin has more elasticity.”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Happy With My Investment


Kelisha’s Story-

Kelisha came to American Laser Med Spa after hearing about laser hair removal from a cousin & some friends. She searched online and came across a Groupon, and made her first appointment. “Every appointment was fast, I was in and out every time,” Kelisha says. She proceeded to tell her co-workers about American Laser Med Spa and about how well her laser hair removal treatments were going.

“My makeup goes on with ease! Not having to wax ever again was worth every penny!” Kelisha is now at 95% hair-free on her upper lip. Her next area on her wish list is the bikini line. “American Laser Med Spa is convenient, affordable & friendly. I am very happy with my investment & more importantly with my amazing results!” Says Kelisha.

*Photo is of models, not actual patients. Results may vary.

She Can Wear Whatever She Wants!

She Can Wear Whatever She Wants!

Mitzy’s Story-

Mitzy learned about American Laser Med Spa online. Both Mitzy & her sister thought they would give laser hair removal a try. Neither of them had ever tried any type of hair removal in the past. Mitzy chose to start wither her underarms. The appointments worked well with her schedule. “I loved how convenience the appointments were!”

The ladies were friendly and informative, and she never had to wait. “I tell all of my friends and family about the convenience of being hair-free! I love that I can wear whatever I want without worry!” Mitzy is very happy to be hair-free! Her next purchase will be the bikini area, due to her amazing results on her underarms, legs, and face!

*Results may vary.

Treatments Work & I Love It!

angel final

Angel’s Story-

Angel was living a life of constant fear. She was scheduling work and social life around her hair growth cycle. She started with electrolysis, which damaged her skin, and she did not want to continue with it. After hearing about Laser Hair Removal, she decided that she wanted to give American Laser Med Spa a try. “My results were great from the very beginning!” Says Angel. She was so excited, she started telling her friends & also posted a Google Review for American Laser Med Spa.

Angel looks forward to every appointment. “The girls are my cheerleaders. They are genuine and they really care about me. You are not going to find this anywhere else!” Angel is now at 90% hair free after 4 treatments! Her confidence has just soared! “I don’t have to hide or worry about my 5 o’clock shadow anymore. The sun’s glare on my skin is beautiful. I get compliments on how great my skin looks.” I tell everyone about American Laser Med Spa & that the treatments work and I love it!” Angel exclaims!

*Results may vary.

Lost Almost 4 Inches!

SS Coolsculpting

Claire’s Story: Lost almost 4 inches

Claire was already a Laser Hair Removal customer in Amarillo, when she was invited to one of our CoolEvents. Claire says, “I went to see what it was all about, but was skeptical. I wondered if it really worked. I have been exercising regularly and watching my calorie intake, so this event was something that interested me. I was surprised when I won the free small area!”

Claire continues, “I had questions for the staff which they and Dr. Kanase thoroughly answered, so I purchased a 2nd small area and proceeded with the treatments. It wasn’t as painful as I had expected! Afterwards my skin was cold, but not sore. A couple days later, I was sore and had a little bruising, but not enough to interfere with my workouts. I was glad that CoolSculpting® didn’t get in the way of working and everyday life!” Claire exclaimed.

“At about the 6th week, I noticed some of my pants were looser in the waist, but it wasn’t until I went back to the clinic for my 8 week checkup, that I truly noticed the results. Because I see myself every day, I didn’t see the total loss until I saw the measurements and the before and after pictures. I lost three and three-quarters inches! I like that! I’m excited about it! I’m glad I got it. I’m really thankful they have this technology and that I won the Coolsculpting!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Amazed With Results

Amazed With Results

Lidia’s Story-

Lidia started a package with American Laser Med Spa for her full face. She has only had 2 treatments so far, and is already at 65% Hair reduction! She is absolutely amazed with these results so far. “I am so thankful that I decided to do this!” Lidia says. She had to shave and pluck every single day before. This became annoying and quite a hassle! Lidia is thinking about doing other areas with the laser hair removal based on her face results. She is thinking about the Bikini line. She said that the razor bumps can be seen when she is wearing shorts, and doesn’t like that feeling.

“My clinic is always clean, they are always fast, and they always take good care of me when I come in,” Lidia explains. “My Clinic Manager is wonderful. She always makes her feel comfortable and I feel like we have a good relationship with each other.” In Lidia’s first consultation, her clinic Manager  answered all her questions, before she even had to ask them! “She always follows up on me, to check on me, and to remind me about appointments. Overall I am very satisfied thus far with my experience and my results with American Laser Med Spa,” Says Lidia.

*Results may vary.

In Love With Results

Highly Recommended!

Lauren’s Story: I am in love with the results

Lauren is a college student that was seeking a new way to treat her occasional breakouts on her face. She found us on Groupon and called for an appointment. Berkley was very informative and Lauren was excited to be under the care of someone knowledgeable. Her skin was very dry from living in West Texas. She was happy after her first Ultrasonic Facial. She could feel an immediate difference of new smooth skin. Her foundation just glided across her face.

Lauren did break out after the first treatment, but very minimal. She didn’t have a cluster of pimples, she only had a couple here and there. Lauren told her friends and family about how advanced the technology at American Laser Med Spa was. She also refereed her friend McKenzie to the clinic. Lauren feels like she has more confidence in her everyday life and is going to continue to buy the Ultrasonic Facials from here on out.

“I am in love with the results and wish I would have taken before and after photos, because the difference is so dramatic,” says Lauren.

*Results may vary.

Happy I Chose American Laser Med Spa

110% Recommend

Carol’s Story-

Carol shaved in the past, and tried waxing as well. “Waxing was painful and it really irritated my skin. I had a bad reaction to the waxing, so I didn’t wax again,” Carol explains. Carol decided to try an upper lip and chin package for laser hair removal.

She had a couple patches of course, dark hair, when she first started. She now has lighter and finer hairs in just a couple spots. Carol says she is between 80-90% hair free!

“I am very satisfied with my experience overall. I’ve had a good experience with my treatments, as well as, with my clinic technicians. Everyone is friendly and very personable,” Carol says. “I did have questions concerning the ice packs and how they were cleaned before being used on another patient. My question was answered very well, and I was reassured that they clean them thoroughly after every use. This made me feel good. I have been to several different laser clinics in the past, and I am very happy I chose to go with American Laser Med Spa!”

*Photo is a model, not an actual patient. Results may vary.

I give American Laser Med Spa a 10!

I give American Laser Med Spa a 10!

Karen’s story –

Karen used to shave all the time! Shaving is never fun! She was glad when she came across a Groupon special for a laser hair removal package on the underarm areas. She had talked about laser hair removal with friends. One of her friends had her toes done at American Laser Med Spa, and the hair is completely gone from that area now! This made Karen feel much better about her purchase, and she was excited to start treatment to see her results!

Karen says the treatments were a little painful (on a scale from 1-10 she was at a 2) during treatment, but immediately after treatment there was no pain at all & she felt just fine. Karen is only on her 3rd treatment of her 6 treatment plan, and says she is at 40/50% hair reduction.

“I just love everyone at the Amarillo Clinic! It is like coming to visit friends when I come up for a treatment. They are just wonderful, and always make me feel comfortable & right at home.” Karen explains. On a scale from 1-10, I give American Laser Med Spa a 10! I have had a great experience so far, and can’t wait to see my end results!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Highly Recommended!


Lia’s Story-

Lia was so tired of shaving all the time that she decided to try sugar waxing. Not only was it painful, but it took up too much time and too much money. Lia heard about laser hair removal with American Laser Med Spa in March 2016 so she decided to purchase an underarms package.  At her initial visit, she opted to add the bikini package as well.  Lia is very happy with her results from both packages after just 6 treatments!  She said she is currently at a 90% on her Bikini area & 90-95% on her underarms.

Lia says both of her technicians always explained things very well, and that she never experiences a problem during any of her treatments. She said the clinic is always nice and clean and that there is usually someone at the front desk or assistance when she comes in for her appointments. “I have recommended American Laser Med Spa to my family & friends based on my results! It is great not having to shave & wax anymore!” says Lia.

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

The Doctor Made Her Feel Important

I am Important

Mona’s Story-

Mona started with American Laser Med Spa in 2015 with an underarm package for Laser Hair Removal. She is very happy with her results, and is proud to say that she is 100% hair free on both of her underarms! She wanted to try some other areas for the laser hair removal, so she decided to also treat her Bikini area and her full legs.

She isn’t seeing the max results with her Bikini area, like she did with her underarms. But she did mention that her current technician is working with her, by paying attention to detail, and by changing her treatment settings, so she can experience the max results for that area too.

Her legs are currently at 50% hair free, and she has only been treated on those areas twice! She is very excited about her quick results on both of her legs! Mona says that the clinic is always clean when she comes in for treatment, and that the staff is very friendly. Never once has she had a bad experience with the clinic or any of the technicians.

“The clinic Manager & Customer Service have both given me their personal phone numbers, in case I have any questions, concerns, or need to get a hold of them right away. My current technician, Karolyn, really pays attention to detail. She slows down, and looks really close at the hair follicles before she makes her next pass”. Mona explains.

Mona talked with Dr. K. about some concerns she had in the past with her Bikini area. “After talking with the Doctor, I felt really good, and important to him. It really meant a lot to me, when he took time to sit and talk with me personally about the questions I needed answers to.”

“I recommend laser hair removal to everyone! I always explain to my friends & family the cost breakdown, and how the results are absolutely worth it in the long run! Who wouldn’t want to be hair free? If you don’t have to mess with shaving anymore ever again, why wouldn’t you choose to do laser hair removal??”

*Results may vary.

She Now Has Her 1st Boyfriend!

love story

Celina’s Story-

Celina Googled laser hair removal one day, and found American Laser Med Spa. She immediately called to set up a consultation! She was self-conscience about her unwanted hair on her beard-line. “My hair was thick and course like a man’s”, Celina described. At first, she was skeptical about the results, but now she is proud and happy to say “Laser Hair Removal really does work”!

At her consult, the technician went through a power-point presentation, discussed pain, & answered all of her questions. She was really excited when she found out that she would also be treated that same day right after the consult! The first treatment went well, and she expected it to be much more painful. Celina started to see results after only her 3rd treatment of laser hair removal!

Before she started treatment, she was routinely shaving every day. After the 1st treatment, she shaved every 2 days. By the 3rd or 4th treatment she was about 80% hair free already! She told her mom, brothers, and best friend about American Laser Med Spa, and how excited she was about her results with the treatments.

The next thing on her wish-list is doing Laser Hair Removal on her legs & possibly some CoolSculpting®! Celina is now more social, self-confident, and is proud to say that she currently has her 1st boyfriend! She is much happier than before, and is looking forward to even more hair free results in her future!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

PCOS & 90% Hair Free!

PCOS & 90% Hair Free!

Sara’s Story-

Sara has been a patient with American Laser Med Spa since August of 2015. She hated the amount of hair she had, and the amount of time she spent shaving. Her cousin had referred her to American Laser Med Spa. Her cousin explained to her how great the treatments worked, and that she was already at 90% hair reduction on her packages!

Sara decided to try laser hair removal herself, after hearing this amazing feedback. Sara suffers with PCOS, and was willing to try anything at this point to change her current shaving situation. Her treatments went well from the very beginning. She is now at 90% hair reduction herself, on her full leg package!

Being hair free on her legs has built her self-confidence up tremendously. She now feels comfortable wearing shorts, & going swimming with her children. “I finally feel normal! The convenience is also awesome! I’m glad people now recognize my smile & personality instead of my facial hair”, Sara explains.

Sara is currently on 6 different laser hair removal packages for 6 different areas, with American Laser Med Spa. “American Laser Med Spa makes everything possible. You don’t have to be rich to have the treatments, and their Customer Service is excellent!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

A Very Comfortable Place

Highly Recommended!

Jessika’s Story-

Jessica started her journey with American Laser Med Spa in September of 2016. She is currently on her 3rd treatment of her Full Body Laser Hair Removal package. She is absolutely amazed with her results so far! Before Jessica started treatment, she had to shave all the time. When she would shave, the hair would immediately grow back! She was the perfect candidate for laser hair removal because her hair was thick, black, and course. “I felt like a caveman before!” Jessica says.

After Jessica’s 1st treatment, she didn’t have to shave her arms for a week! She was so relieved, and hopeful for the remaining treatment results. “Lorraine is the best. She does such a good job taking care of me, and making me feel comfortable during treatment. We laugh together when talking about the pain level of the laser. It tickles! I don’t experience any pain during treatment. It reminds me of an air gun, just shooting air at me!”

Jessica describes the clinic as being clean, cozy, and warm. “Lorraine keeps the temperature nice and warm in the clinic. This makes me feel comfortable when I come in. It’s a nice ‘feel good’ before its time to start my treatment”.

Jessica is really excited for her amazing results, and feels good knowing that her 2-year package plan was worth the money and the wait!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

She is Happy & Confident Again!

Highly Recommended!

Michelle’s Story-

Michelle started her journey with American Laser Med Spa in December of 2016. She is ecstatic that she is at 90% after 3 sessions! She now only a couple areas that need attention on her hormonal lines. She said her highest pain was a 2 during her treatments. The staff made her feel comfortable, and always answered her questions or concerns.

Michelle used to be embarrassed having to shave her face all the time. Her stubble grew back daily, and the hairs were black and very thick. It was hard to go out in public without worrying about people staring at her face. When she found out about American Laser Med Spa, she was excited to try something different than razors every day.

After only her 3rd treatment, Michelle has seen an improvement on her face! You can’t even see the stubble anymore! Michelle says, “I feel amazing! Feel how smooth my face is! You can’t even see hair anymore! I am so happy with my results this early in the game! Thank you American Laser Med Spa, for making me feel happy & confident again!”

*Results may vary.

She Can See a 100% Difference!

Highly Recommended!

Sherrie’s Story-

Sherrie had very dark, course hair on her chin. She started shaving at a young age. As time went by she started shaving daily. She even had to use hair removal lotion every evening. She felt embarrassed of the stubble after shaving, she even felt like hiding her chin from her husband sometimes. This was a major burden for her on a daily basis.

She didn’t think she could afford laser hair removal, but then came across a promotion for packages on sale for $99 a month. She ended up purchasing a 6 treatment laser hair removal package for her chin for this price. Sherrie had amazing results the 1st couple months. During month 3 she started to get concerned, when the dark, course hair started coming back. She spoke to the clinic about this concern, and they explained to her that the full removal process does take time, and that you have to stay on track with your appointments for the best results.

Sherrie had 3 treatments to go to finish her package. She felt better after talking with the staff, and felt like she was better informed this time, then when she began her treatments. After month 4, she noticed the hair not coming back as fast. She now started to feel much better, and it even boosted her self confidence in both her work & personal life.

Sherrie has finished her 6th treatment, and says “I can see a 100% difference from where I started & where I am now. The end results are absolutely worth the time, and money spent! The staff is wonderful, and was very explanatory with the questions & concerns I had. I will continue my business with American Laser Med Spa, and I already plan to purchase another package in the future!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Easy, Painless & 90% Hair Free!

Easy, Painless & 90% Hair Free!

Rene’s Story-

Rene Started her journey with American Laser Med Spa in November of 2014. Rene says, “The treatment works great! The process was easy and painless. The only thing that was uncomfortable, was the ice. The ice wasn’t fun, but I understand why it needs to be applied so much”. Rene enjoys quilting, and described the feeling as a “pin prick”, like she experiences when quilting.

Rene is currently at 90% hair free! “I feel really good, and really enjoyed the staff every time I came in. The staff was always friendly and made me feel really comfortable. The clinic was always clean and organized.” Rene has been a loyal customer since 2014, and still plans to continue services with American Laser Med Spa today.

*Results may vary.

I lost 4 inches in 2 months!


Elizabeth’s Story – I lost 4 inches!

“The procedure was amazing… One day I woke up and realized… I don’t have a roll anymore. And my pants were looser. I immediately felt great! So I grabbed my tape measurer, and measured my waist and I have lost 4 inches off of my waist in 2 months!”

Hear Elizabeth’s full CoolSculpting® testimony in the video below.


*Results may vary.


The CoolSculpting procedure can help both women and men get rid of those stubborn bulges for good. The non-invasive treatment works on those pesky love handles that nobody really loves.

The CoolSculpting fat reduction procedure is specially designed for those who are at or near their ideal weight but have unwanted stubborn fat. Are you generally within 30 lbs. of your ideal weight but have areas of excess fat? If so, the CoolSculpting procedure may be able to help you reduce your unwanted stubborn fat. If not, please come speak to us to see if you could benefit from a CoolSculpting treatment.

I Forgot How It Feels To Be Beautiful

Highly Recommended!

Martha’s Home Story –

Martha’s Home is a local shelter for domestic abuse, drug addicts, as well as homeless women. It’s a safe place to stay and an opportunity to turn around one’s life. After seeing a local news segment on Martha’s Home, Dr. Kanase decided that he wanted to give back and support these women that had successfully taken their first steps.

Dr. Kanase offered 2 complimentary Ultrasonic Facials to be given to the women, to celebrate them, and to let them know that we as a company supported them.

A consult was given to both Debi and Gloria explaining how the treatments emit ultrasonic waves over the skin’s surface. These waves loosen and remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and improve blood circulation. The result: a soft, smooth, glowing complexion that lasts. As each lady relaxed and enjoyed their spa experience they told their stories of misfortune to the staff at American Laser Med Spa.

Attentive and humbled we walked the ladies back towards the entrance. Gloria gave us a big hug and said with the warmest smile “For a moment I actually forgot I no longer had my front teeth. Please tell Dr. Kanase Thank You! My face feels soft and smooth for the first time in years!” With tears in her eyes, she said “I completely forgot how it feels to be beautiful.”

At American Laser Med Spa, we strive to build a relationship of trust throughout your transformation, bringing out your natural beauty to give you the best results possible. We do this by not only employing highly trained and friendly technicians, but by also using the most innovative tools and protocols, and having our founder, Dr. Neel Kanase, overseeing the entire experience.

*Results may vary.

Results After Only 2 Treatments!

Results After Only 2 Treatments!

Vette’s Story –

Vette had struggled with thick, persistent hair on her legs for most of her life. She would shave in the morning, and before she left work at the end of the day, the course stubble had already reappeared.

Her dark, thick hair was extremely noticeable. This made it difficult to wear skirts or shorts that showed off her legs, much less wear a bathing suit.

Vette wanted to feel confident and not be preoccupied with stubble as she went throughout her day. She decided to try something permanent, and made an appointment at American Laser Med Spa for Laser hair removal treatments. She came to the Amarillo Clinic, and was ecstatic when she noticed results after only two treatments! She was so happy, she called her friends & family to share the news!

With her treatments over, she can now relax and wear whatever she wants with confidence! Vette say’s “I am very happy with my results! No more stubble, bumps, or embarrassment!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

She Can Leave Home With Confidence!

you are beautiful

Ranell’s Story –

Ranell started noticing new areas of hair growth under her chin and neck area. She plucked thinking it would be enough to conquer the unwanted hair. She plucked for 6-7 years! During this time, she started to notice dark pigmentation under her neck. Ranell also shaved for 4 years on this particular area. The hair grew back thicker, so she decided to stop.

Ranell confided in her father, and told him the struggle with the unwanted hairs. Her father told her about Laser Hair Removal, and even offered to pay for her treatments! She started her 1st Laser Hair Removal in Dallas. When she moved to Amarillo, she found American Laser Med Spa, and considered resuming her treatments. After finding out how affordable her treatments were, she immediately booked a consult at the Amarillo Location! She started with a Groupon and then purchased a package for her neck area.

For years she used makeup products to cover or mask the discoloration and ingrown hairs. Rannel says, “Lasers made a 100% difference in my life! I don’t have to worry about my appearance like she did in the past.” She can leave home without make up with confidence! She also no longer has to shave anymore, and is very happy to say that she is 90% hair free on her neck & 80% on her beard line! Rannel states “It was well worth the investment, and I have had such a great success on my journey to living hair free!”

*Results may vary.

Living with PCOS & Ingrown Hairs


Lee’s Story –

Lee has been a patient since January 2016. She met one of our Amarillo Techs while playing softball. She confided in us with her issues with ingrown hairs and what she feels is early menopausal symptoms. Our tech convinced her to come in and give laser hair removal a chance. Lee had suffered with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) for years. Unable to have children and needing a hysterectomy in her near future, the embarrassment of the ingrown hairs and patches of facial hair had taken its toll. Lee spent endless hours plucking unwanted facial hair. She had tried sugaring also. Nothing was helping her and it was discouraging.

Lee suffered with a large cyst. She had been in the emergency room with infected ingrown hairs that became a boil. They would dig the unwanted hair out and treat the infected area. This reoccurred more often than Lee could handle. After five laser hair removal treatments, Lee has seen a reduction in ingrown hairs. She has not had to spend countless hours – not to mention pain – going to the ER. She is currently at 70% hair reduction on her jaw line, 70% on her under arms, and 40% on her bikini line – after completing five treatments!

Although the treatment has taken longer than Lee originally thought it would, the patches of hair growth have reduced. The ingrown hairs are less and less. Lee is happy that our tech took the time to encourage her to give American Laser Med Spa a chance to help with her issues. Lee has referred her friends and family to come find out for themselves the difference hair-free can make in their lives. She has also graciously given us a great Google review for the Amarillo Clinic!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

85-90% Hair Free!

Miranda’s Story –

Miranda came to American Laser Med Spa through a Groupon. She struggled with ingrown hairs & hoped to get rid of them with lasers. She was skeptical when she went in for her first treatment, doubting the process would be able to get “all” the unwanted hair. Her hair was very thick, and she hoped for it to become thinner at most. The ladies in the clinic were very kind & answered all her questions and concerns. They asked her about her pain level and she was surprised that she did not have any pain.

Miranda started telling her mom and aunt about her results at American Laser Med Spa. She wanted them to experience the same exciting results as she had. During the Black Friday season, there was an offer for a Free Ultrasonic Facial. She got her aunt to go in and get one. She too, was amazed at the way her skin felt!

Miranda explained a time when she made her boyfriend go in for an Ultrasonic Facial. Neither Miranda nor the boyfriend, had ever received a professional facial before. She said at first he did not want to go. She laughed as she took a snap chat video of him receiving the treatment. He was actually enjoying it! After the treatment, he said he really liked it and could see an immediate difference on his skin. Miranda saw a great result with her Ultrasonic Facial experience as well.

She is also loving her results with her Laser Hair Removal so much, that she decided to buy a Full Body Package! Miranda said “This is the best present I have ever bought for myself! I cannot wait until I am completely hair free!” This is something Miranda has wanted for a very long time. Miranda is currently 85-90% hair free on her under arms!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Seeing Great Results

Ultrasonic diagram

Ann’s Story –

“The staff at American Laser Med Spa are always friendly, and I know I will leave feeling and looking better. My skin is soft to the touch and I’m always excited after a treatment. I have sunspots and acne scars that are fading & I’m seeing great results. I like the friendly staff and professionalism that is exhibited. Thank you American Laser Med Spa for being professional and personable!”

*Results may vary.

Clinic Visits are Much Needed Downtime

always believe

Aurelia’s Story –

Aurelia started her laser hair removal with American Laser Med Spa as a Groupon customer. As an older professional woman, Aurelia did not want to waste time with unwanted hair or spend long hours in a clinic. With every appointment, the ladies greeted Aurelia with a warm smile – eager to provide information, as well as, accommodate her hectic schedule. She said she started to enjoy her visits to the clinic, seeing them as much needed down-time for herself.

After a few visits, Aurelia started to notice her hair thinning, next came hair-loss patches, and then to her surprise she realized she was becoming hair free! Aurelia was amazed at how fast she was seeing such great results. She started telling her coworkers about American Laser Med Spa. This was the best $99 purchase she had made in a long time. “American laser Med Spa is accommodating, professional and friendly. The best part is they do what they say they will do. The ladies checked up on me after each appointment , to ensure the results. I am at 70% hair-free and counting!”

*Results may vary.

An Amazing Transformation

happy woman wallpaper

Jenny’s Story –

Jenny struggled with facial hair and it was a huge psychological burden. “Being a transgender female, and living with a pronounced blue beard is tough. I saw the introductory special of $99 for a small area and thought it was worth the gamble. When I went to the spa, I met Brittney. She signed me up and I did the treatment later that week.

The results weren’t instant but I saw results exactly when they told me I would. I had huge areas on my upper lip that didn’t have hair. I cried tears of joy.” Jenny said. She is now able to go out in public and wear minimal or no makeup 6 months later, and she feels amazing. Her beard is completely gone! There aren’t enough fine hairs to be an issue.

“My self-esteem and feeling more feminine is through the roof! The whole staff there at the American Laser Med Spa have treated me with dignity and compassion. I consider them my friends too. You always fear being judged or treated bad, and it’s never happened there. I just signed up for more treatments to get critical parts of body ready for my transition. I have complete and total confidence in American Laser Med Spa. Love you guys!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Made a Difference in Her Life

Made a Difference in Her Life

Jennifer’s Story –

Jennifer started her journey with American Laser Med Spa with high hopes of becoming hair-free. She had no idea her life was about to have an abrupt change. Jennifer’s husband was diagnosed with cancer, and she was his only caretaker. After having multiple appointments rescheduled, Jennifer found it difficult to receive her treatments. The ladies in the Amarillo clinic were more than gracious, and rescheduled appointments as needed. “They never minded listening and encouraging me”.

Jennifer said it was refreshing to not have to start a conversation with an apology. American Laser Med Spa remained supportive through her ordeal, but unfortunately, her husband passed away. Jennifer said the ladies in the clinic became her friends. Customer Service called on behalf of the corporate staff and Dr. Kanase. We’re proud to say that Jennifer is seeing great results with her laser hair removal. Jennifer tells her friends and family how American Laser Med Spa made a difference in her life – “You receive great results, great customer service, fast treatments, but most of all, you are treated as a valued person, not just a customer.”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

After a Terrible Loss, She Felt Beautiful Again


Jane’s Story –

Jane had the weight of the world on her shoulders after her husband died of cancer. This tragedy caused her to lose her job, and also relationships with friends. One Saturday afternoon, Jane decided to get laser hair removal at American Laser Med Spa’s Amarillo Clinic. What she didn’t expect was the amount of care that she was about to receive. After realizing the pain Jane was going through, customer service & the clinic manager helped Samantha feel a tiny bit better by offering her a complimentary ultrasonic facial.

After the facial, Jane was excited to notice how soft her skin was. The clinic then proceeded to do Jane’s laser hair removal treatment. During the treatment, customer service spoke with Jane about the strength it takes to be a caregiver during the hard times of chemo treatments. The conversation slowly made Jane start to cry tears of gratitude! She then proceeded to thank the women in the clinic for talking to her, encouraging her, and making her feel beautiful again.

*Results may vary.

Her Self-Esteem Is Back!

Her Self-Esteem Is Back!

Theresa’s Story –

Theresa has been a lifelong customer with Dr. Kanase. Both as a Family Practice patient, and a client of American Laser Med Spa. When Theresa first discovered ALMS, she decided to purchase an Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Package. She was pleased with the results and decided to try Botox. The results were instant and Theresa loved the difference it made.

Next, she wanted to try Juvederm hoping for the same great experience. Theresa had lost a lot of weight and didn’t like the loose skin. “I just wanted to staple my face back to my forehead!”, said Theresa.

Theresa loved her Juvederm as well. She came back for her next scheduled appointment and Dr. Kanase explained how she would get long term results – instead of quick fixes – with Microneedling. He explained the benefits and how it would help increase elastin and collagen to naturally smooth her skin.

Theresa is looking forward to finishing her Microneedling treatments and having long term results. One thing she loves about ALMS is that she always leaves feeling cared for. She receives great advice, and is always told that she’s beautiful.

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Great Results, Only 1 Treatment!

Great Results, Only 1 Treatment!

Lacy’s Story –

Lacy found American Laser Med Spa by Googling “Laser Hair Removal”. Due to our great reviews she called us! Lacy has struggled with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) for years. She did a lot of research looking for help. She decided that laser hair removal was her best option.

Lacy came to her consult with many well thought out questions. She was on a budget but more than that, she was afraid to be let down once more. The cost was more than she was willing to risk without a guarantee. After going over all the details and educating Lacy, it had become a little bit of a challenge during the consult. Lacy decided to purchase Full Legs and a Full Brazilian laser hair removal during our June BOGO sale.

After a few weeks after her treatment, customer service received a text message asking for a call back, and that it was urgent. Lacy told customer service she was very pleased with her results! It looks funny to see patches where the hair grows back at first. But I am so happy right now”. American Laser med spa told her how happy we were for her. She posted a Google review that said, “Great results after only one treatment, going back for my second treatment next week”. The results Lacy saw, gave her hope for the very first time!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

An Answer to Her Prayers!


Alexis’ Story –

Alexis has been a patient for 1 year. She has had several different areas treated for laser hair removal. She has loved the results and referred many of her friends and family. Alexis was receiving ongoing injections that she felt caused her to continuously have to seek a solution for hair removal. She had tried many different options before coming to American Laser Med Spa. Laughing at herself, she remembered how nervous she was at her first appointment. Alexis had heard that lasers could be very painful, and scheduling an appointment was not without fear. Unsure about laser hair removal at first, Alexis chose to start with her upper lip. With all her questions and concerns answered, she began treatment the same day. Alexis remembered gritting her teeth, expecting a jolt of pain to sear through her body.

Alexis started noticing patches of hair reduction immediately. She was excited! Finally, she was seeing the results she had longed for most of her life. She was impressed by how kind and attentive the ladies were in the clinic. Each one making her appointments fast, easy and even fun. Alexis has told friends, family, and coworkers about the great results she received. “American Laser Med Spa has been an answer to my prayers. It still feels too good to be true. I will be hair-free for the rest of my life! I feel more confident now and do not avoid looking in mirrors. American Laser Med Spa has made my life less stressful. Everyone should try laser hair removal at least once.”

*Results may vary.

A Very Young 55 Year Old

Botox GirlWide

Julie’s Story –

Julie came to American Laser Med Spa as many others did through a Groupon. The $99 is an eye catching price for Laser Hair Removal. Julie started with the Bikini line, full legs and was so impressed with her results she continued one area at a time. Julie like most of us women as we age, start noticing fine lines and early signs of aging. Julie wants to age gracefully but she decided to be as proactive as possible.

She inquired about non-invasive procedures done in the office that could help with the areas of concern on her face. Julie is a beautiful woman and has taken great care of herself. She knows the importance of staying active and eating healthy. She did not like the new lines forming around her eyes as she smiled. Julie just finished her 4th Mesopen treatment and absolutely loves her results! She was in Red River, and a stranger could not believe she was old enough to be a grandmother! Julie told me proudly she will be 55 yrs old this October.

She has friends and family that ask her how she stays so youthful looking? Julie’s comment is always the same “I am actively working on staying healthy and taking care of myself and my skin. Non-invasive, nonsurgical with American Laser Med Spa is the way to go!” Julie said that now when she looks in the mirror, she is happy with who she see’s smiling back at her. “Thanks to American Laser Med Spa, I can stand with confidence looking more beautiful as a very young 55-year-old. Not only am I beautiful on the inside, now it reflects on the outside.”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

10 Years & Hair Free!


Claudine’s Story –

Claudine has been living every woman’s dream. She is now 10 years of being hair free and counting! Claudine came to American Laser Med Spa on a whim. Never using a Groupon and never doing Laser Hair Removal, but the $99 price was too good to pass up.

She was able to get a consult, pay in the clinic, and be treated the same day. “The clinic had a warm and friendly atmosphere and the girls were prompt to welcome me. I never had to wait more than a few minutes”, said Claudine. After her second treatment, she was already at 30% hair reduction. Claudine was pleasantly surprised. No wait time, painless and now she was on her way to be hair free!

As the weeks turned into months and then years, Claudine kept looking in the mirror expecting at least for a hair or two to show up. By her 5th treatment, Claudine was at 95% hair reduction. “American Laser Med Spa is the real deal! I did not really expect to be completely hair-free for months at a time, much less 10 years! It saves time and is convenient”. Claudine began bragging to all of her family and friends about her great results with us.

With all the other fantastic treatments America Laser Med Spa has to offer, Claudine has CoolSculpting® at the top of her list. And this time, there’s no hesitation. “I love the amount of attention and knowledge everyone shows in the clinic. But I love not having facial hair the most. I am living every woman’s dream!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Her Whole Life Has Changed!


Quin’s Story –

Quin started noticing acne on her face in high school. By the time she graduated, it was chronic and she had scars. She started down different avenues to seek a solution.

She tried birth control, & proactive. Quin couldn’t leave home without makeup, and no longer wanted to be in public. When she went to the mall, people would try to push the newest face cream on her. None of the creams ever worked.

Quin even went as far as Mexico for a chemical peel. The peel took off a layer of skin, burned her face, and made her acne worse. The burns were so bad, she had to wear bandages on it until it healed. After all the products & different treatments she had gone through, time & money wasted, no results, her frustration levels were at the max!

Quin heard about American Laser Med Spa and the Laser Hair removal services that we offer. She purchased an upper lip package, for some nagging hair on her face. She had never even heard of Mesopen, until someone explained to her what is was & that ALMS offered it!

“I saw before and after pictures from previous Mesopen patients, and was pretty amazed how clear their skin had become after Microneedling treatments!” Quin said. She finally decided to give it a try! “My face bled a lot after the first treatment, and it made my face really red & hot”.  She didn’t see a huge difference right away, but by the 4th treatment there was a huge change! “My whole life has changed!” Leslie said.

Her friends and family started to ask about American Laser Med Spa. They asked how much it cost, how much it hurt, and how long the procedure takes. She explained that the first treatment wasn’t painful, and that her whole face was numb. It never took more than 30-40 minutes, but the results have lasted for 3 years!

*Results may vary.

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