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Nancy’s Story: Results –

Nancy just completed her  Laser Hair Removal package for underarms at our clinic in El Paso. During her final visit she told us that she was extremely happy with her results, and hadn’t needed to shave since her last treatment, which was 3 months ago!

Nancy said she was thrilled to have achieved 90% hair-free status by her 5th treatment. She claims she only has 1 small hair under each arm now, and no longer needs to shave. Plus… she felt no pain from the laser, or any discomfort from the ice. 

She wishes she could have chosen multiple options on our hair-free wishlist form, but with the completion of her underarms, she has now treated her entire body and doesn’t have a concern with hair growth any longer. Nancy says that she loves her smooth, hair-free underarms, and she’d be speaking to her friends about us. We love hearing those words!

*Results may vary.

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