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Bra Fat Is The Worse

Coolsculpting bra fat

Bra Fat Amarillo

Lisa’s Story –

“I absolutely hated the bra fat that had developed as I got older and less active in the gym. I tried to find bras that were wide and covered it, but that didn’t work. It’s like having love handles under the arms. 😖 I could feel it when I would put on lotion and hated it. So that was the first place I knew I wanted to try CoolSculpting® on.

I only had 1 round of 4 small treatments, but I can see results in my first set of photos. (I haven’t received my 60 days photos yet.) I was told that the average is 20-25% fat reduction so I didn’t expect it to be gone all at once. There’s definitely less to pinch as I reach around too. I do plan on getting a 2nd round done to eliminate the fat altogether.

So far I’m very pleased and can’t wait to see the results after the 2nd round!”

*Results may vary.

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