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Neel Kanase, M.D.

Neel Kanase, M.D.

Neel Kanase, M.D.

Neel Kanase, M.D. and owner of American Laser Med Spa, oversees all aspects of the spa’s locations, including staff training, supervising ongoing treatments, and monitoring treatment protocols.

Dr. Kanase’s commitment to quality improvement means he is constantly building on his already vast body of medical knowledge, including yearly training at Harvard University.

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Kanase has called the Texas panhandle his home. He graduated from Grant Medical College in his native India before moving to the U.S. to complete his Masters in Food and Nutrition at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. He received his residency training in family medicine at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in Amarillo.

During his residency, he was named chief resident and was given numerous honors, including the Outstanding Graduating Resident of the Year award chosen among all residency programs and the Outstanding Resident Teacher award. After his residency, Dr. Kanase joined Dallam Hartley County Hospital District in Dalhart, TX, where he worked for five years finishing his rural commitment with the USDA as the chief of medical staff. During that time, he was listed in America’s Top Family Doctors and received the American Medical Association’s Physician Recognition award. If you don’t see Dr. Kanase at American Laser Med Spa, look to the skies. His hobbies include flying and sky diving.

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Featuring Dr. Neel Kanase & Jack Canfield

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Featuring Dr. Neel Kanase & Jack Canfield
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