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I no longer have to shave or wax

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Sally’s Story: No longer having to shave or wax –

Sally is a customer at our Lubbock location. She had purchased a Groupon for upper lip, but realized during her consultation the benefits of upgrading to a full face package – including the 2 years of free maintenance! This would ensure that she received the optimal results she was looking for.

Sally was 60% hair free by her 3rd treatment, even though the hair on her upper lip and chin was coarse and a bit more resistant. In less than 8 months, she is now considered hair-free! Except for one random hair, she is happy to be 95% hair free on her chin, and 85-90% hair free on her beard line and the corners of her upper lip.

What Sally loves most about Laser Hair Removal is the time she saves by no longer having to shave or wax!

*Results may vary.

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