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My Face Looks and Feels Great!


Cecy R.’s Microneedling Treatment –

Cecy is a customer of our El Paso clinic, and had come in during the holidays asking about foto-facials and microdermabrasion. She said her concern was that her skin was uneven and she was starting to get wrinkles and had let herself go. Our technician told her we didn’t perform either, but that we had something else [microneedling] that could be amazing for her skin, and could help her reduce those issues… AND give her the confidence she was looking for. Cecy mentioned she had received Microneedling once before and was absolutely in love with it. She also was thrilled to hear we had a promotion and immediately agreed to start her 4 treatment package.

Cecy was extremely happy to have seen results with just one microneedling treatment. Wrinkles were diminished, severe acne scarring under her chin showed significant progress, hyper-pigmentation had almost disappeared completely, and her nose looked tighter. She was so happy, she referred a friend! With each treatment her face showed more improvement and people were taking notice. She had also received a complimentary Ultrasonic treatment during the winter and saw the difference in her skin immediately – it looked and felt hydrated. She loved it!

Cecy just completed her 4th microneedling treatment and has noticed a huge improvement from acne scarring, pigmentation, texture, small wrinkles, to even the elasticity of her skin. She says even her confidence “boosted like crazy.”

“My face looks and feels great,” said Cecy. This happy customer plans on returning soon, this time for more ultrasonic treatments!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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