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I Am Hair-Free!!

I Am Hair-Free!!

Stella’s Story –

Stella, an El Paso customer, came to us with a Groupon last April.

Although our goal is 90% hair gone after the 6th session – which according to the FDA is considered success – we know that due to biology, hormones or other medical issues can cause dormant hair to wake up. This is why we offer a 2-year appearance plan with our full packages. This means, that even after your 6th session, you will be able to have a touch-up done if necessary at no additional charge during the FREE appearance plan time frame. Due to the drastic discounting, this 2-year maintenance is not available with our Groupon offer.

Fortunately for Stella, she has completed her 6 treatments and is very happy to find that she is 90% hair free on her underarms! She understands about the dormant hair follicles and is very content with the over all process.

“Staff was very nice and prompt,” says Stella about the El Paso clinic. And what does she say regarding her Laser Hair Removal experience? “I am hair free!!!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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