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Bestselling Laser Hair Removal Packages –
Up to 45% OFF (Free maintenance for 2 years!)

hair removal bestsellers

Full Beard, Full Leg or Full Bikini/Brazilian Extended as low as $60/mo. per area with financing,* plus… all three packages include 6 treatments and our 2-Year Appearance Plan (free maintenance)! 

Why wait? You have nothing to lose except for nagging hair!

*Total price per bestseller $2,376. Financing subject to credit approval. Promotional period and number of payments vary and are based on purchase balance and date. Photos are models, and not actual patients. 

What to Consider

Laser hair removal is today’s most popular method of removing unsightly or unwanted hair. It is truly fabulous! Although it has proven to be very effective and safe, it still has side effects and risks just like any other elective cosmetic procedure. Patient’s individual skin conditions, hair density, skin color, and the type of laser used play a role in final results.

Side effects are quite minor and usually temporary such as perifollicular edema (swelling of the dead hair follicle that looks like an ant bite) and erythema (redness). However, there are risks and side effects that can be more serious. Therefore, it is important to know about these side effects and their causes, so you may decrease your chances of experiencing them during or after treatments.

Get ready to start living life hair-free!


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