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Lauren’s Story: I am in love with the results

Lauren is a college student that was seeking a new way to treat her occasional breakouts on her face. She found us on Groupon and called for an appointment. Berkley was very informative and Lauren was excited to be under the care of someone knowledgeable. Her skin was very dry from living in West Texas. She was happy after her first Ultrasonic Facial. She could feel an immediate difference of new smooth skin. Her foundation just glided across her face.

Lauren did break out after the first treatment, but very minimal. She didn’t have a cluster of pimples, she only had a couple here and there. Lauren told her friends and family about how advanced the technology at American Laser Med Spa was. She also refereed her friend McKenzie to the clinic. Lauren feels like she has more confidence in her everyday life and is going to continue to buy the Ultrasonic Facials from here on out.

“I am in love with the results and wish I would have taken before and after photos, because the difference is so dramatic,” says Lauren.

*Results may vary.

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