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She Can’t Recommend ALMS Enough


Kieran’s Story –

“The service here has been topnotch from the very beginning. Details of risk and payment were discussed with me thoroughly and sensitively when I went for my consultations. Their customer rep really worked with me to make sure I was getting the right package for the most value. The staff are amazing, and I look forward to my sessions at least partly to get a chance to visit with them. They’ve always been very accommodating with scheduling issues, which is especially important to me, as I’m usually coming from work in Santa Fe. The staff are meticulous in explaining risks of injury and how best to avoid them; there is a very good reason you need to keep your skin out of the sun while undergoing this process. They are always careful to remind you of before- and after-care, and religiously check in on you after your treatment, to make certain everything is ok. I’ve found them to be extremely sympathetic and solicitous. It is true that AL Med Spa is a little more expensive than other places might be, but you get what you pay for, and what you pay for in this case is an attending doctor and two full years of follow-up and touch-up treatments, which in my case, have already paid for themselves. Can’t recommend this establishment highly enough!”

*Results may vary.

Can’t Get Enough Of Us!


Karyn’s Story –

Karyn discovered us on Groupon and purchased both Laser Hair Removal and Ultrasonic Facials packages. She had her consultations at the Amarillo location at the end of 2016.

She saw and loved her hair removal results immediately, and wanted to purchase packages for other areas. She took a little detour, however, and decided her next treatment was going to be CoolSculpting®. Karyn had tremendous results there as well! You can see the amazing transformation on her abdomen for yourself, by visiting our CoolSculpting Before & After photos page on our website.

The following summer, Karyn proceeded with her hair-free journey and purchased two more Laser Hair Removal packages. As you can see, she cannot get enough of us!

We’re happy to announce that Karyn became one of our Hair-Free Successes this month! “It’s incredible to never have to tend to that area again! Thank you!,” says Karyn. “The staff here is wonderful! They are professional and friendly, making my visits easy and relaxing! Thank you team, you guys rock!!”

*Results may vary.

The Answer For PCOS


K.F.’s Story –

K.F. submitted the following review – and a 5 Star rating – on Google, and we’re so very proud to have been able to make her life a little bit better! This is the reason we do what we do!

“To anyone who suffers from PCOS this is the place to go to for amazing results. I’ve had 6 facial treatments so far and my results are amazing. My face is so smooth and the dark shadow is almost all gone. I had soo much hair, I was so embarrassed. I seriously shaved twice a day. I suffered every day. Its painful to wake up knowing you can’t go out without shaving. To anyone who is going through PCOS, this is the answer. I don’t think you can find better services or results. No wait time, the place is very clean and the staff – omgosh they are so sweet, patient and educated. I’m extremely thankful for the staff and American Laser Med Spa.”

To learn more about living with PCOS, read our blog:  http://americanlasermedspa.com/?s=pcos

*Results may vary.

We are so thrilled with the results!!!

Katie’s Story –

“I recently met Dr. Kanase through business and once I heard his profession I immediately asked him what to do with a mole I’ve always had and struggled with. I went on to explain the three times I’d had it removed dermatologically and how it always grew back. I have dealt with self consciousness for years of my life and literally gone to a mirror 5-10 times a day to reapply make up to make sure it was covered… although you could always “see” it. The worst part of everything was I could not keep my hands off of it!!! It drove my husband NUTS because most every time he looked at me I was picking at it. It was something I could not stop doing. It became an infatuation!”, Katie explains.

“Dr. Kanase recommended a procedure that he wasn’t sure would work completely but said we should try. It has now been 4 weeks and the mole is completely gone!!! There has also been zero hair growth and no pain. I am ecstatic!!! After the procedure, his staff followed up with me but did not overwhelm me with calls and offers for future treatment. It is the single most wonderful experience I have ever had!!! Thank you American Laser Spa!!!!”

*Results may vary.

I’m Hair Free!

Danny’s Story –

Danny started treatment in November of 2016 at our Corpus clinic. He purchased Full Beard and Feet & Toes packages from us. “I’m happy with the service that I received from American Laser Med Spa. I was skeptical of the services, but after a few treatments, I noticed amazing results! I would highly recommend Laser Hair Removal to all my family and friends.”

“Crystal has been so kind, and very tentative to all my hair removal needs.” says Danny, “The connection I had with her was awesome. From the time I would come in she would recognize me and call me by my name. It felt like a very professional atmosphere. The office was always clean and very inviting. I look forward to being an American Laser Med Spa client. The hospitality and customer service is what always brings me back!”

*Results may vary.

I’m really thankful they have this technology

Before & After

*Results may vary.


90% Hair Free is a Win!

Hair free success

Sarah’s Story –

Sarah came to us through Groupon back in August of 2015, and ended up purchasing two additional lower body packages with us in Amarillo. She’s had such great results, that in early 2017, she took advantage of a Laser Hair Removal BOGO special we were running, and purchased two more face packages. She even referred several of her friends to us this year!

Sarah is a perfect example of why we do what we do! “Having more hair than normal has always been something I did not like about myself.” says Sarah, “Through this process, I am hair-free! I feel it is a chapter that I can close and I can live more freely now, without the nuisance of shaving every day.”

“American Laser Med Spa is an excellent company to do business with. Their financing allowed me to do all the hair removal that I wanted at an affordable monthly fee.” Sarah continues, “All the staff I have encountered the last two years have all been professional and friendly. I never had burns. All the staff are well trained, and I don’t feel embarrassed when I leave. They know how to make the awkward moments feel more comfortable. I have had excellent results from Laser Hair Removal. I’m not 100% hair free as I had dreamed, but I believe that 90% hair free is a win also!”

*Results may vary.

I Am Loving My Facials!

Ultrasonic Facial

Kristie’s Story-

Kristie found us on Groupon and purchased an Ultrasonic Facial package in March. She is very happy with her results, and said she has seen a huge difference in her skin. Once her Groupon treatments were complete, she had planned an additional treatment right before her daughter’s wedding so she could look her very best. While scheduling this appointment, she was excited to hear that she was qualified to purchase a 6-treatment package with us at 50% OFF – which she did. “I am loving my facials! They have minimized my pores and helped with my wrinkles,” says Kristie. “Dark circles under my eyes have gotten better, and my dry, aging skin has more elasticity.”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Never Have To Wax Again!

Kelisha’s Story-

Kelisha came to American Laser Med Spa after hearing about laser hair removal from a cousin & some friends. She searched online and came across a Groupon, and made her first appointment. “Every appointment was fast, I was in and out every time”. Kelisha says. She proceeded to tell her co-workers about American Laser Med Spa & about how well her laser hair removal treatments were going.

“My makeup goes on with ease! Not having to wax ever again was worth every penny!” Kelisha is now at 95% hair-free on her upper lip. Her next area on her wish list is the bikini line. “American Laser Med Spa is convenient, affordable & friendly. I am very happy with my investment & more importantly with my amazing results!” Says Kelisha.

*Results may vary.

She Can Wear Whatever She Wants!

Mitzy’s Story-

Mitzy learned about American Laser Med Spa online. Both Mitzy & her sister thought they would give laser hair removal a try. Neither of them had ever tried any type of hair removal in the past. Mitzy chose to start wither her underarms. The appointments worked well with her schedule. “I loved how convenience the appointments were!”

The ladies were friendly and informative, and she never had to wait. “I tell all of my friends and family about the convenience of being hair-free! I love that I can wear whatever I want without worry!” Mitzy is very happy to be hair-free! Her next purchase will be the bikini area, due to her amazing results on her underarms, legs, and face!

*Results may vary.

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