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Would you give up Netflix to be hair free? How about coffee?


According to an article by Skin Inc., millennial women hate shaving and are seeking alternative solutions. A survey conducted by Nair revealed that 85% of millennial women hate shaving.

In addition, 50% of millennial women said unwanted body hair made them feel self-conscious, less confident or insecure.  Something we at American Laser Med Spa already knew. Younger millennials were more likely than older millennials – 57% versus 48% – to feel less confident due to unwanted body hair.

Nair and PRNewswire say, regardless of ethnicity or race, one thing is universal, millennial women ALL have a specific problem area when it comes to unwanted body hair. However, Hispanics are more likely than Caucasians and African Americans to say the following are problem areas: Upper lip (57% versus 40% and 33%), Hands/knuckles (20% versus 10% and 9%), and Back (17% versus 7% and 11%).


Biggest Hair Offenders

Respondents said the biggest body hair offenders were the bikini line (72%), underarms (58%) and legs (52%). Additionally, 56% of respondents said shaving was time consuming, 44% said it irritates their skin and 72% said that the hair grows back too quickly.

In fact, respondents of the survey found unwanted body hair to be so problematic that 48% of them said they would give up coffee, 44% said they would give up Netflix, 39% said they would give up sex, and 38% said they would give up social media for a month to be free of unwanted hair for a year.


What’s On Your Wish-List?

What about you? Have you found “freedom” with laser hair removal yet? Is there another area you’re ready to have hair-free?

For details on laser hair removal, or to see this month’s promotion, visit us at https://americanlasermedspa.com/services/laser-hair-removal/ or call/text 806-324-3349 to schedule your Free consultation!

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