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90% Hair-Free Is A Win!

CSS Sarah

Sarah’s Story –

Sarah came to us through Groupon back in August of 2015, and ended up purchasing two additional lower body packages with us in Amarillo. She’s had such great results, that in early 2017, she took advantage of a Laser Hair Removal BOGO special we were running, and purchased two more face packages. She even referred several of her friends to us this year!

Sarah is a perfect example of why we do what we do! “Having more hair than normal has always been something I did not like about myself.” says Sarah, “Through this process, I am hair-free! I feel it is a chapter that I can close and I can live more freely now, without the nuisance of shaving every day.”

“American Laser Med Spa is an excellent company to do business with. Their financing allowed me to do all the hair removal that I wanted at an affordable monthly fee.” Sarah continues, “All the staff I have encountered the last two years have all been professional and friendly. I never had burns. All the staff are well trained, and I don’t feel embarrassed when I leave. They know how to make the awkward moments feel more comfortable. I have had excellent results from Laser Hair Removal. I’m not 100% hair free as I had dreamed, but I believe that 90% hair free is a win also!”

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