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The Importance of A Licensed Medical Professional for Laser Hair Removal

The Importance of A Licensed Medical Professional for Laser Hair Removal

Applying intense laser light to bare skin in order to kill hair follicles for permanent hair removal could be damaging in the wrong hands. Think severe burns and scarring. These are the kinds of accidents that can happen if you choose to have laser hair treatments performed by non-qualified people without medical training.

Certain states require practitioners to have formal medical training. Some states have minimal to no qualifications. In recent years there has been a proliferation of nonmedical facilities and spas that offer laser treatments and other cosmetic treatments. Many typically do not have any licensed medical personnel supervising these procedures.

In addition to the potential for burning and scarring, there are other important medical reasons for having a trained doctor or assistant perform laser hair removal. For instance the laser operator makes critical assessments of an individual’s skin type and how far apart to schedule treatments, as well as other decisions. Among those with the greatest risk of complications are people with greater natural pigment in their skin or those who are tan. Also, on occasion, a laser operator with no medical training may treat something that looks like a sunspot but is actually cancer. This could end up obscuring the disease until it becomes more advanced.

Arm Yourself With Information

If you are considering laser hair removal, before you decide whether or not to proceed, ask the following questions:

First of all, if there is any doubt, ask whether a medical doctor owns the facility, and whether he or she or another medical doctor is immediately available during procedures. And ask what procedures are in place in case of an emergency. If you don’t feel compelled to run out upon getting the answers to these questions you can proceed to the next area of inquiry.

Find out who will actually perform the procedure, and what licensing and/or training the individual has. Find out how many times the person has performed laser hair removal and if he or she has done it on the part of the body that you want treated.

Be aware that laser hair removal works best on those with light skin and dark hair. Be sure to ask whether the treatment is appropriate for your skin type, hair color, and body area. If you have dark skin and light hair and are told it will work on you, you may want to excuse yourself.

Conditions with High Potential for Complications

If you have diabetes, difficulty with wound healing, or a tendency toward keloid scarring you may be especially vulnerable to complications. It’s imperative that you talk to your doctor before undergoing laser hair removal treatment.

Be Safe or Be Hairy

Be safe rather than sorry. If you are not completely confident with the facility and or the person you’ve consulted with for laser hair removal, simply don’t proceed. Keep interviewing until you find the doctor and facility that you trust and feel absolutely confident in. It’s so much better to be hairy rather than to have a botched, scarred body.


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