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Mona’s Story-

Mona started with American Laser Med Spa in 2015 with an underarm package for Laser Hair Removal. She is very happy with her results, and is proud to say that she is 100% hair free on both of her underarms! She wanted to try some other areas for the laser hair removal, so she decided to also treat her Bikini area and her full legs.

She isn’t seeing the max results with her Bikini area, like she did with her underarms. But she did mention that her current technician is working with her, by paying attention to detail, and by changing her treatment settings, so she can experience the max results for that area too.

Her legs are currently at 50% hair free, and she has only been treated on those areas twice! She is very excited about her quick results on both of her legs! Mona says that the clinic is always clean when she comes in for treatment, and that the staff is very friendly. Never once has she had a bad experience with the clinic or any of the technicians.

“The clinic Manager & Customer Service have both given me their personal phone numbers, in case I have any questions, concerns, or need to get a hold of them right away. My current technician, Karolyn, really pays attention to detail. She slows down, and looks really close at the hair follicles before she makes her next pass”. Mona explains.

Mona talked with Dr. K. about some concerns she had in the past with her Bikini area. “After talking with the Doctor, I felt really good, and important to him. It really meant a lot to me, when he took time to sit and talk with me personally about the questions I needed answers to.”

“I recommend laser hair removal to everyone! I always explain to my friends & family the cost breakdown, and how the results are absolutely worth it in the long run! Who wouldn’t want to be hair free? If you don’t have to mess with shaving anymore ever again, why wouldn’t you choose to do laser hair removal??”

*Results may vary.

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