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The Beauty of Giving

The Beauty of Giving

It is my deepest held belief that each day we are given the opportunity to impact someone else’s life. It may be through the job that we do or the words we say as we go about our busy, chaotic days. For me, I’ve found that I have the ability to help more people recognize how beautiful they are through a most unexpected way, which is by building confidence through helping them feel better outwardly.

When I purchased a single laser clinic in 2005, which is now known as American Laser Med Spa, I had no idea how much my passionate desire to help people could be used. Today, I help people with laser-based treatments so they can achieve true confidence and vigorously pursue their pathways to happiness. This motivated me each and every day. My work is more than a physical transformation; it is a tool to help people improve their lives.

The mission statement for American Laser Med Spa is: Transform Lives by making people feel Young, Beautiful and Confident & Build a Community.

Not only is the business I have started contributing to the overall community, I am proud to say that the community at large is having a positive impact on the lives of millions. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey created chaos, damage and took lives. However, the generosity of spirit and material gifts cannot be overlooked.

American Laser Med Spa is part of a community that donated over $600,000 in 2017 to great causes.  Some of the highlights include:

  • 13,659 winter coats
  • 751,074 meals
  • 198,381 minutes of autism therapy
  • 20,764 days of care for unsponsored children
  • 157,102 vitamins for kids
  • 263 life-changing surgeries
  • 50,624 pairs of shoes
  • 36,197,750 gallons of water
  • 77,222 bricks to build schools
  • 1,216,193 bowls of food for animals
  • 7,603 days of school for kids in Haiti
  • 90,606 breast cancer risk assessments
  • $25,309 toward Hurricane Harvey relief
  • 37,260 days of food through Compassion International
  • 122,653 weeks of water for people in Haiti


It’s also exciting to see that our online community has contributed greatly. Causely donates every time someone checks-in or leaves a review on Facebook. So far in 2017, Causely members in our community have generated 5,415,200 check-ins!

These figures have touched the lives of more than 100 million people. Despite the hurricane and other heartaches, it has been an amazing and beautiful year made possible by the day-to-day compassion expressed throughout the community. I pray that we skip the hurricanes in 2018 and know that there will be continued acts of kindness in equal or greater proportion during the New Year.

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