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Summertime Is Great For A Rosy Complexion, but Not Rosacea

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Here comes the sun, and what a great time to get out in the sunshine and play all day long. With water sports, golf, tennis, walking, hiking, running, bicycling among other outdoor activities, you can spend endless hours in the sun and easily lose sight of the effects it has on your skin. You might slather yourself with sunscreen at the beginning of the day and not think about it again for hours.

If on the other hand, you have Rosacea you may not venture out into the sun or may not stay as long as you’d like. Rosacea is the result of a compromised skin surface barrier function due, in part, to dry skin. When the skin is dry, small fissures, or cracks can appear on the surface of the skin, which allows germs and bacteria to enter the body.

With Rosacea, it often appears that you’ve spent too much time in the sun when you haven’t been out in it at all. Unfortunately, you have to be extremely careful about what you apply to the skin. Many sunscreens will do more harm than good.

Micro needling is a procedure that can be successful for treating Rosacea. However, you must be aware that the procedure may also stimulate greater redness for a time.

While micro needling can be effective, the most important treatment for Rosacea also includes a combination of topical treatments, minimal sun exposure and diet. If you would like to explore the most effective way to treat your Rosacea, schedule a consultation with our office.


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