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Skin Care Tips For Before, During and After The Holidays

Skin Care Tips For Before, During and After The Holidays

The holidays have arrived. Starting with Thanksgiving, the feasting will continue all the way through to January 1, 2018. The family gatherings, endless party invitations, the drinking, the eating and the staying up late all have a combined detrimental effect on your skin.

If you take a proactive approach, you can arrive in the New Year with your skin refreshed instead of wrecked. I’m offering a few suggestions that are good for your skin any time of the year, but really pay off if you incorporate them into your holiday schedule.

Remember to rest up between the obligatory family gatherings and the parties of the season. Sleep deprivation shows up on your face, likewise your skin responds positively to rest. If you can take time out, try not to burn the candle at both ends.

Boost your water intake during and in between events. Try not to over drink. A good way to accomplish this is to have a glass of sparkling water between cocktails. If you can, cut back on the coffee too. Drinking water between those rich meals and holiday cocktails will flush out the toxins and prevent your face (and the rest of your body) from getting that bloated look. It also counters the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

The benefits of water can’t be overstated. A nice hot bath is relaxing and detoxifying. The day after a big night out, take the time to relax deeply with a good hot bath. Epsom salts will draw the toxins of too much rich food and alcohol out of the body to prevent bloating too.

This is the busiest time of year and it is difficult to find a few spare moments even on the weekend if you are working full time. But, once the holidays are behind us, this is the time to let your skin breathe. Go for a few days, if possible without heavy makeup. A good moisturizer or serum will do wonders to keep your skin glowing with health right into the New Year.



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