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She is Happy & Confident Again!

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Michelle’s Story-

Michelle started her journey with American Laser Med Spa in December of 2016. She is ecstatic that she is at 90% after 3 sessions! She now only a couple areas that need attention on her hormonal lines. She said her highest pain was a 2 during her treatments. The staff made her feel comfortable, and always answered her questions or concerns.

Michelle used to be embarrassed having to shave her face all the time. Her stubble grew back daily, and the hairs were black and very thick. It was hard to go out in public without worrying about people staring at her face. When she found out about American Laser Med Spa, she was excited to try something different than razors every day.

After only her 3rd treatment, Michelle has seen an improvement on her face! You can’t even see the stubble anymore! Michelle says, “I feel amazing! Feel how smooth my face is! You can’t even see hair anymore! I am so happy with my results this early in the game! Thank you American Laser Med Spa, for making me feel happy & confident again!”

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