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Sherrie’s Story-

Sherrie had very dark, course hair on her chin. She started shaving at a young age. As time went by she started shaving daily. She even had to use hair removal lotion every evening. She felt embarrassed of the stubble after shaving, she even felt like hiding her chin from her husband sometimes. This was a major burden for her on a daily basis.

She didn’t think she could afford laser hair removal, but then came across a promotion for packages on sale for $99 a month. She ended up purchasing a 6 treatment laser hair removal package for her chin for this price. Sherrie had amazing results the 1st couple months. During month 3 she started to get concerned, when the dark, course hair started coming back. She spoke to the clinic about this concern, and they explained to her that the full removal process does take time, and that you have to stay on track with your appointments for the best results.

Sherrie had 3 treatments to go to finish her package. She felt better after talking with the staff, and felt like she was better informed this time, then when she began her treatments. After month 4, she noticed the hair not coming back as fast. She now started to feel much better, and it even boosted her self confidence in both her work & personal life.

Sherrie has finished her 6th treatment, and says “I can see a 100% difference from where I started & where I am now. The end results are absolutely worth the time, and money spent! The staff is wonderful, and was very explanatory with the questions & concerns I had. I will continue my business with American Laser Med Spa, and I already plan to purchase another package in the future!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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