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Ranell’s Story –

Ranell started noticing new areas of hair growth under her chin and neck area. She plucked thinking it would be enough to conquer the unwanted hair. She plucked for 6-7 years! During this time, she started to notice dark pigmentation under her neck. Ranell also shaved for 4 years on this particular area. The hair grew back thicker, so she decided to stop.

Ranell confided in her father, and told him the struggle with the unwanted hairs. Her father told her about Laser Hair Removal, and even offered to pay for her treatments! She started her 1st Laser Hair Removal in Dallas. When she moved to Amarillo, she found American Laser Med Spa, and considered resuming her treatments. After finding out how affordable her treatments were, she immediately booked a consult at the Amarillo Location! She started with a Groupon and then purchased a package for her neck area.

For years she used makeup products to cover or mask the discoloration and ingrown hairs. Rannel says, “Lasers made a 100% difference in my life! I don’t have to worry about my appearance like she did in the past.” She can leave home without make up with confidence! She also no longer has to shave anymore, and is very happy to say that she is 90% hair free on her neck & 80% on her beard line! Rannel states “It was well worth the investment, and I have had such a great success on my journey to living hair free!”

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