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Results After Only 2 Treatments!

Results After Only 2 Treatments!

Vette’s Story –

Vette had struggled with thick, persistent hair on her legs for most of her life. She would shave in the morning, and before she left work at the end of the day, the course stubble had already reappeared.

Her dark, thick hair was extremely noticeable. This made it difficult to wear skirts or shorts that showed off her legs, much less wear a bathing suit.

Vette wanted to feel confident and not be preoccupied with stubble as she went throughout her day. She decided to try something permanent, and made an appointment at American Laser Med Spa for Laser hair removal treatments. She came to the Amarillo Clinic, and was ecstatic when she noticed results after only two treatments! She was so happy, she called her friends & family to share the news!

With her treatments over, she can now relax and wear whatever she wants with confidence! Vette say’s “I am very happy with my results! No more stubble, bumps, or embarrassment!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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