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PCOS & 90% Hair Free!


Sara’s Story-

Sara has been a patient with American Laser Med Spa since August of 2015. She hated the amount of hair she had, and the amount of time she spent shaving. Her cousin had referred her to American Laser Med Spa. Her cousin explained to her how great the treatments worked, and that she was already at 90% hair reduction on her packages!

Sara decided to try laser hair removal herself, after hearing this amazing feedback. Sara suffers with PCOS, and was willing to try anything at this point to change her current shaving situation. Her treatments went well from the very beginning. She is now at 90% hair reduction herself, on her full leg package!

Being hair free on her legs has built her self-confidence up tremendously. She now feels comfortable wearing shorts, & going swimming with her children. “I finally feel normal! The convenience is also awesome! I’m glad people now recognize my smile & personality instead of my facial hair”, Sara explains.

Sara is currently on 6 different laser hair removal packages for 6 different areas, with American Laser Med Spa. “American Laser Med Spa makes everything possible. You don’t have to be rich to have the treatments, and their Customer Service is excellent!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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