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Living with PCOS & Ingrown Hairs


Lee’s Story –

Lee has been a patient since January 2016. She met one of our Amarillo Techs while playing softball. She confided in us with her issues with ingrown hairs and what she feels is early menopausal symptoms. Our tech convinced her to come in and give laser hair removal a chance. Lee had suffered with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) for years. Unable to have children and needing a hysterectomy in her near future, the embarrassment of the ingrown hairs and patches of facial hair had taken its toll. Lee spent endless hours plucking unwanted facial hair. She had tried sugaring also. Nothing was helping her and it was discouraging.

Lee suffered with a large cyst. She had been in the emergency room with infected ingrown hairs that became a boil. They would dig the unwanted hair out and treat the infected area. This reoccurred more often than Lee could handle. After five laser hair removal treatments, Lee has seen a reduction in ingrown hairs. She has not had to spend countless hours – not to mention pain – going to the ER. She is currently at 70% hair reduction on her jaw line, 70% on her under arms, and 40% on her bikini line – after completing five treatments!

Although the treatment has taken longer than Lee originally thought it would, the patches of hair growth have reduced. The ingrown hairs are less and less. Lee is happy that our tech took the time to encourage her to give American Laser Med Spa a chance to help with her issues. Lee has referred her friends and family to come find out for themselves the difference hair-free can make in their lives. She has also graciously given us a great Google review for the Amarillo Clinic!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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