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Insist On An Expert With The Appropriate Laser Hair Removal Machines

Insist On An Expert With The Appropriate Laser Hair Removal Machines

The Appropriate Laser Hair Removal Machines

For any man or woman who has to shave on a daily basis, the idea of permanent hair reduction is extremely desirable. Also, for those who have abnormal hair growth, permanent hair removal can be a life changer. No matter the reason, laser hair removal is growing in popularity and has been FDA approved since 1997. In fact, due to the popularity and permanency of laser hair removal, shaving, waxing, threading and other means of hair removal are becoming passé.

If you are considering laser hair removal, make sure to do your due diligence. While there are many salons and spas that offer laser hair removal, you will do yourself a service by looking into the training and background of those technicians and/or physicians administering the service. Working with properly trained professionals will lead to the happiest outcomes. Also, look for the most up-to-date machines appropriate for your skin and hair type.

Top Two Machines For Laser Hair Reduction

Several laser hair removal machines are now being widely used. However, the two that are rated highest for safety and efficiency are the Nd:YAG and the Alexandrite also called the ALEX. Keep in mind that each machine works a little differently on different skin types.

Nd: YAG and the Alexandrite Lasers are at the top of the list for safety and efficiency. I have pointed out the difference between the two machines below.

The Nd:YAG Laser is the machine that is typically used on darker skin types, even though it can treat all skin types on the Fitzpatrick skin typing scale, I-VI. The reason is that it has a longer wave length and what we call a ‘lower melanin absorption rate’ – that is how quickly or slowly the laser light and heat is taken up by the pigment in the skin and hair. The machine is able seek out more concentrated melanin, and, in a manner of speaking, bypass the melanin in the skin for darker skin types.

The Alexandrite (ALEX) Laser is typically used for lighter skin tones on the Fitzpatrick scale, but can easily and safely treat Fitzpatrick sky types I-V. It has a slightly longer wavelength than some of the other machines on the market with the exception of the Nd:YAG. The Alexandrite treats more superficial hair as it does not go as deep into the dermis as the Nd:YAG to target hair follicles. However it has the same capacity to get clients to the FDA 90% hair free rating. For laser hair reduction, 90% of hair removed is considered success.

Shop Around For The Expert

Before you sign up for a series of treatments – and it will be a series – be sure to select the treatment facility that has the expert who specializes specifically in laser hair reduction and knows the machine best suited for your skin and hair type. And, of course, if you can, go in to make sure you’re comfortable with the environment of the salon or spa and ask to see the lasers in person.


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