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I give American Laser Med Spa a 10!

I give American Laser Med Spa a 10!

Karen’s story –

Karen used to shave all the time! Shaving is never fun! She was glad when she came across a Groupon special for a laser hair removal package on the underarm areas. She had talked about laser hair removal with friends. One of her friends had her toes done at American Laser Med Spa, and the hair is completely gone from that area now! This made Karen feel much better about her purchase, and she was excited to start treatment to see her results!

Karen says the treatments were a little painful (on a scale from 1-10 she was at a 2) during treatment, but immediately after treatment there was no pain at all & she felt just fine. Karen is only on her 3rd treatment of her 6 treatment plan, and says she is at 40/50% hair reduction.

“I just love everyone at the Amarillo Clinic! It is like coming to visit friends when I come up for a treatment. They are just wonderful, and always make me feel comfortable & right at home.” Karen explains. On a scale from 1-10, I give American Laser Med Spa a 10! I have had a great experience so far, and can’t wait to see my end results!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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