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Her Self-Esteem Is Back!

Her Self-Esteem Is Back!

Theresa’s Story –

Theresa has been a lifelong customer with Dr. Kanase. Both as a Family Practice patient, and a client of American Laser Med Spa. When Theresa first discovered ALMS, she decided to purchase an Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Package. She was pleased with the results and decided to try Botox. The results were instant and Theresa loved the difference it made.

Next, she wanted to try Juvederm hoping for the same great experience. Theresa had lost a lot of weight and didn’t like the loose skin. “I just wanted to staple my face back to my forehead!”, said Theresa.

Theresa loved her Juvederm as well. She came back for her next scheduled appointment and Dr. Kanase explained how she would get long term results – instead of quick fixes – with Microneedling. He explained the benefits and how it would help increase elastin and collagen to naturally smooth her skin.

Theresa is looking forward to finishing her Microneedling treatments and having long term results. One thing she loves about ALMS is that she always leaves feeling cared for. She receives great advice, and is always told that she’s beautiful.

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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