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Hair Growth Photos

Hair Growth Photos


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 Introduction –  

Success is defined as – 90% hair gone and stays gone for 6 mo or longer. Afterwards, you will have a few remaining straggler hairs. You may need a touch up maintenance laser treatment once in a while or a quick shave for the few hairs, but you will be Hair Free and enjoy the convenience of no more constant shaving.

After 50% hair is gone, hair is now Sparse & Patchy, Thinner, Lighter

After about 3 treatments, ½ the hair is gone, the rest are sparse or patchy, thinner and lighter color.

Hair Distribution – Sparse and/or Patchy

After approx. 50% of the hair is gone, the remaining hairs on the surface are sparse.

Also, you might notice the hair is ‘patchy’. This might seem like some spots were missed but in reality, it is due to hair growth cycle.

During the last laser treatment, on the area where you see hair now (the one that feels like the we missed a spot), the follicles were dormant/inactive, so they were never destroyed.  But now the hair follicles are in active phase, so you have visible hair. Since hair grows in different stages the result is ‘patchy’ appearance after a certain interval. These need to be destroyed now.

Hair Density – Thinner

You will notice hair is thinner and less coarse.

Hair Color – Lighter

You will notice hair is lighter in color. Especially with black hairs. Same can also happen to brown or auburn hair.



So as you can see, hair growth photos and NOT shaving before your treatment now helps us monitor progress and customize settings and destroy more hair follicles to give you even better results!


Advantages of Hair Growth Photo

  1. Target the laser treatment on areas where the hair growth is so we don’t miss a spot – eg chin or corners of upper lip (full beard tx) OR shin (full legs) OR front/middle of thigh (upper legs)
  2. Track progress – The photo also helps us track progress as we take serial photos with subsequent visits
  3. Be on the same page with you for % improvement – verbal discussion and our picture guide is good but it’s better to have your actual photos & visual assessment so we can be on the same page.



So from now on please DO NOT SHAVE before your next treatment so we can assess your hair growth.

This means let the hair grow as much as possible before treatment. How long not to shave varies from person to person. Some have hair growing in 2 days and some take 2 weeks. So you decide when to shave based on your body how fast your hair grows.  We want to see your full hair growth to assess progress

In certain cases eg Private parts eg bikini area (if you are not comfortable we won’t take photos unless there is no progress then we might have to take photos to assess better). We would still like you NOT to shave so we can visually assess then treat effectively.  Also if you wish (for your comfort and privacy) you can bring your own shaver/razor to shave while in the clinic

We can see the hair distribution – where the ‘stubborn’ hairs are, assess hair type (coarse or fine) and hair color. This helps is customize the best settings for you.

You come in, we take photos, we shave and then we treat.




After receiving 3 treatments, DO NOT SHAVE before your next treatment so we can take photos. This helps us monitor progress closely to give you better results.

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