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Does He or Doesn’t He? Only His Cosmetic Dr. Knows.

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Men who are getting cosmetic treatments certainly aren’t going to tell you they are. And, locker room talk does not include sharing the name of your favorite plastic surgeon — at least not quite yet! That day may arrive sooner than you think though.

More and more men are following the lead of women into the plastic surgeon’s office. And, now there are so many non-surgical procedures that achieve the subtle changes most men desire, like CoolSculpting, Botox, Kybella, Juvederm, just to name a few along with an array of laser and ultrasound treatments, so there’s no down time involved and people would be hard-pressed to notice anything more than he looks like he is a little thinner, more rested and/or more vibrant.

The reasons for this uptick in male cosmetic procedures are not merely about vanity. One of the more important reasons is staying relevant in an increasingly young job market.

In our youth and high-tech obsessed culture, ageism is taking its toll on men who are approaching the height of their careers. In the high tech fields many CEOs are fresh out of high school or college.

For men, it is no longer an asset to sport an “experienced, graying at the temples look.” It’s important to preserve a youthful appearance, to maintain a fresh, crisp look and feel. Cosmetic procedures for men are no longer taboo even though men are not talking about them. After all, they are fighting to keep their jobs and giving away their secret simply invites more competition.


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