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Begin The New Year With $10,000 worth of CoolSculpting®

Begin The New Year With $10,000 worth of CoolSculpting®

No joke. American Laser Med Spa is giving away $10,000 worth of multiple CoolSculpting treatments called Treatment to Transformation™ (T2T). One lucky person is going to have a very good year getting the body they love and deserve.

The drawing is going to be on January 2, 2018 at 5 p.m.

Popular Around The World

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq has been a great success around the world. To date there have been over one million CoolSculpting procedures performed worldwide. CoolSculpting has been FDA approved as a fat reduction treatment for the abdomen (belly) and flanks (love handles), however, we also treat the stubborn fat bulges in other areas such as the arms, back, inner thighs, outer thighs, buttocks, and bra fat with great success.

Zeltiq has been working closely with leading physicians on the T2T concept. This approach explores using global patient assessment, addressing all potential treatment areas, and recommending a sufficient number of treatments in a given area to address the individual patient’s concerns and desired outcomes.

Now CoolSculpting Total Body Makeovers

With the increase in popularity of CoolSculpting, we are having more and more clients come to us in search of total body makeovers with this revolutionary fat freezing technology. Zeltique has now made this possible with the development of CoolSculpting Treatment to Transformation™.

Treatment to Transformation is an approach that allows us to provide a series of treatments to those who have more areas of stubborn fat than that which originally would be treated with just one application of the CoolSculpting device. Using the Treatment to Transformation approach we can further personalize our treatment plans based on your individual needs, shape and goals. We develop a comprehensive plan that applies the proper number of sessions to freeze the fat in the problem areas of your body. This will enable us to optimize your CoolSculpting results, giving you the sculpted shape you have always wanted.

$10,000 Worth of CoolSculpting Could Change Your Body

 Imagine winning $10,000 worth of CoolSculpting Treatment to Transformation sessions. Imagine the sleek, slim body of your dreams. 2018 could be the year you achieve your dream.

You can enter the drawing by filling out a form on our website and/or by following us on Facebook, sharing the post and tagging 2 friends.


Just to review; We are giving away $10,000 worth of CoolSculpting Treatment to Transformation™ (T2T) and will be drawing a winner on Jan. 2@ 5pm. We are working to do the drawing live on Facebook. You have to be in it to win it, so sign up today.


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