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After a Terrible Loss, She Felt Beautiful Again


Jane’s Story –

Jane had the weight of the world on her shoulders after her husband died of cancer. This tragedy caused her to lose her job, and also relationships with friends. One Saturday afternoon, Jane decided to get laser hair removal at American Laser Med Spa’s Amarillo Clinic. What she didn’t expect was the amount of care that she was about to receive. After realizing the pain Jane was going through, customer service & the clinic manager helped Samantha feel a tiny bit better by offering her a complimentary ultrasonic facial.

After the facial, Jane was excited to notice how soft her skin was. The clinic then proceeded to do Jane’s laser hair removal treatment. During the treatment, customer service spoke with Jane about the strength it takes to be a caregiver during the hard times of chemo treatments. The conversation slowly made Jane start to cry tears of gratitude! She then proceeded to thank the women in the clinic for talking to her, encouraging her, and making her feel beautiful again.

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