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Jessika’s Story-

Jessica started her journey with American Laser Med Spa in September of 2016. She is currently on her 3rd treatment of her Full Body Laser Hair Removal package. She is absolutely amazed with her results so far! Before Jessica started treatment, she had to shave all the time. When she would shave, the hair would immediately grow back! She was the perfect candidate for laser hair removal because her hair was thick, black, and course. “I felt like a caveman before!” Jessica says.

After Jessica’s 1st treatment, she didn’t have to shave her arms for a week! She was so relieved, and hopeful for the remaining treatment results. “Lorraine is the best. She does such a good job taking care of me, and making me feel comfortable during treatment. We laugh together when talking about the pain level of the laser. It tickles! I don’t experience any pain during treatment. It reminds me of an air gun, just shooting air at me!”

Jessica describes the clinic as being clean, cozy, and warm. “Lorraine keeps the temperature nice and warm in the clinic. This makes me feel comfortable when I come in. It’s a nice ‘feel good’ before its time to start my treatment”.

Jessica is really excited for her amazing results, and feels good knowing that her 2-year package plan was worth the money and the wait!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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