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I Forgot How It Feels To Be Beautiful

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Martha’s Home Story –

Martha’s Home is a local shelter for domestic abuse, drug addicts, as well as homeless women. It’s a safe place to stay and an opportunity to turn around one’s life. After seeing a local news segment on Martha’s Home, Dr. Kanase decided that he wanted to give back and support these women that had successfully taken their first steps.

Dr. Kanase offered 2 complimentary Ultrasonic Facials to be given to the women, to celebrate them, and to let them know that we as a company supported them.

A consult was given to both Debi and Gloria explaining how the treatments emit ultrasonic waves over the skin’s surface. These waves loosen and remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and improve blood circulation. The result: a soft, smooth, glowing complexion that lasts. As each lady relaxed and enjoyed their spa experience they told their stories of misfortune to the staff at American Laser Med Spa.

Attentive and humbled we walked the ladies back towards the entrance. Gloria gave us a big hug and said with the warmest smile “For a moment I actually forgot I no longer had my front teeth. Please tell Dr. Kanase Thank You! My face feels soft and smooth for the first time in years!” With tears in her eyes, she said “I completely forgot how it feels to be beautiful.”

At American Laser Med Spa, we strive to build a relationship of trust throughout your transformation, bringing out your natural beauty to give you the best results possible. We do this by not only employing highly trained and friendly technicians, but by also using the most innovative tools and protocols, and having our founder, Dr. Neel Kanase, overseeing the entire experience.

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