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Treatment 2 Transformation


Veronica’s Story –

Veronica attended one of our many CoolSculpting® events in Amarillo. She decided she wanted a complete T2T (Treatment 2 Transformation™) and purchased 9 small areas for the abdomen, waist and flanks. This approach addresses all potential treatment areas, and recommends a sufficient number of treatments in a given area to address the individual patient’s concerns and desired outcomes.

Veronica’s treatment plan was to reduce large volume ares of stubborn fat on her waist, as well as, target her abdomen to sculpt the desired shape and transform her look.

Veronica received all 9 treatments within one week. She came back for her 30 day, and then 60 day photos and loved the results so far!

“CoolSculpting has allowed me to lose the inches in my waist. I look and feel so much better! I am very pleased with my results,” says Veronica, “It is well worth it.”

*Results may vary.

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