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Ultrasonic Facials

The Process

American Laser Med Spa’s cutting-edge Ultrasonic Facial machine emits ultrasonic waves over your skin’s surface. These waves loosen and remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and improve blood circulation in the skin. The result: a smooth, soft, glowing complexion that lasts and lasts.

*Results may vary.

What to Consider

We recommend that you receive up to six Ultrasonic Facials to experience maximum results. The facials can be done once a week or once a month. Each Ultrasonic Facial will take around 10 minutes and should be pain free. There is no down time and results can be seen immediately after treatment.

People with certain health conditions should avoid having an Ultrasonic Facial, including people with autoimmune conditions, heart problems or cancer.

Try an Ultrasonic Facial before a special event to look your best!
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*Photos are models, and not actual patients.



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