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Jen’s Story –

Jen received two Microneedling treatments at the Amarillo clinic, and plans on purchasing more. She thinks it’s an amazing procedure and loves the results.

“I’ve known Dr. Kanase for several years and admire and respect his honestly and 100% commitment to his practice.” says Jen. “I’ve had struggles with imperfections on my face since early childhood. I’ve always been very active and the typical sun damage/hormonal breakouts that sometimes can leave scars and have unfortunately affected me. I decided to try the microneedling treatment after reading A LOT about it. The treatment involves a pen with needles that puncture tiny tiny holes into your face (which is painless due to numbing cream) allowing the reproduction of collagen and elastin. It took a day or two to heal after the treatment, but I’ve never seen my skin look better! It was smooth and tight and my imperfections seemed to have vanished! I 110% recommend this treatment for absolutely anyone!”

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