Clinic Manager Position

Hello and Thank You for your interest in the Clinic Manager Tech position.

Following are the steps in our hiring process. Successful candidates are moved to the next step. We will call you after reviewing your application to set up your shadow and interview. If you do not hear from us within 30 days, send an email to
1. Online application is reviewed including your resume
2. A pre-screening phone interview
3. Job Shadowing (usually for 2 hours)
4. Indepth Video / In-person interview 
5. Background and Professional References check
6. Finalize candidate and extend offer letter including Report Date

Here is a brief preview of the Clinic Manager position including Job Expectations, Salary, Benefits etc.

This is primarily a SALES POSITION. You will perform Laser Procedures and bringing in Sales from current clients via 'Upsells' and thru Referrals from current happy clients. You will also manage a staff of 2-4 technicians to guide and motivate them for sales & performing Laser Procedures. I am sure you have read the details of the job description on the employment application page when you filled the online application. The information below will hopefully give you more details.

Our MISSION = To Transform Lives By Making People Feel Young, Beautiful & Confident & Build A Community

We are a group of 6 Med Spa clinics in Texas and New Mexico. We specialize in non-surgical, non-ablative cosmetic laser procedures. Primarily Laser Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening & Velashape. In addition to laser procedures, we also offer Ultrasonic Facials, Botox & Dermal filler injections and a few other services as described below.

We offer the following services:
1. 4 laser procedures
2. Ultrasonic facials = high end medical grade facial
3. Cosmetic injections = Botox and Dermal Fillers (Juvederm Ultra Plus)

The 4 laser procedures are
1. LHR = Laser Hair Removal
2. SR/FF = Skin Rejuvenation / Fotofacial - for age spot, sun spot removal
3. ST = Skin Tightening - for wrinkle reduction
4. Velashape = Cellulite reduction and body reshaping/contouring

The base salary is $40,000.00 per year. Which is $1,538.46 paid bi-weekly on Fri, subject to standard payroll deductions and withholding.
Training Pay - $12/hr for 1st 14 days (i.e. 1st full pay period) and any offcycle days, not to exceed an additional 14 days.

As a clinic manager, you are eligible for the bonus program. The bonus is based on sales volume generated by the clinic. If the clinic sales are over $60K/mo (cash basis not accrual basis) you will earn additional $10-40K/annual in bonuses! Thus your annual take home pay can be between $50 to $90K. Here is the bonus structure
Monthly Sales Bonus %
$60,000- 65,000 = 2.00%
$65,001- 70,000 = 2.50%
$70,001- 75,000 = 3.00%
$75,001- 80,000 = 3.25%
$80,001- 90,000 = 3.50%
$90,001- 100,000 = 4.00%
$100,001 -120,000 = 4.50%
$120,001 -150,000 = 5.00%
$150,001 = + 5.50%

You will receive FREE Medical training. Typically this is for 80 hrs. It costs us $3K-$5K to train a new employee.
If you are hired, you will be required to drive/fly to Amarillo for 2-3 days for training. Your travel expenses will be covered by the company. You will be sharing hotel room with another student. Should your spouse accompany you for the training, you will be responsible for the hotel room expenses.

This is a 6 days a week job. Mon thru Sat. However, you will get 2 Saturdays a month off. Your regional manager will decide which Sat. you will have off. Managers are not allowed off on the last working Saturday of the month. Typically you will work 50 hrs/wk

You are expected to generate $60k/mo in sales (cash basis not accrual basis) for the clinic. However starting out your goal will be $40K/mo (accrual basis) for the 1st 3 months. The job requires you to perform laser procedures and conduct sales, thru initial consultations and Upsells (mostly on current clients) & asking for Referrals (to generate new business).

You will be performing cosmetic laser procedures on clients with the goal of giving them excellent results and excellent customer service. You are also expected to sell as mentioned above. Expect to spend at least 50% of your work time performing procedures.

After the completion of 90 days, you will be eligible for
Health Insurance = Medical & Dental
Life Insurance
Holiday Pay - 6 paid holidays per year, eligible after working 90 days
Vacation Days - After the completion of 1 year, you will receive 5 paid vacation days
Pay For Performance Days - As soon as you are hired you are eligible for pay for performance paid time off days. These are awarded based on achieving monthly & quarterly goals and challenges. If you achieve goals expect to earn 4 or more days per year.
There are strict rules for qualification. Refer to the Employee Handbook for details.

Free Cosmetic Procedures
After 90 days on the job your personal cosmetic procedures (eg Laser Hair removal, Fotofacial etc) are for free as long as you are actively employed. You can also purchase cosmetic products that we sell and injectables at 'employee price'. This perk is solely at the discretion of the company and may be terminated at any time with or without notice.

Scrubs - blue or black color. There is a strict dress code which will be outlined to you if hired.

We require new hires to sign a non-compete clause. If hired, you agree not to work directly for our competitors in a 50 mile radius for ONE YEAR after voluntarily leaving the job e.g. another clinic performing laser hair removal. We spend $3-5k on training you and its only fair that should things not work out you not work for our direct competitors.

If you have any questions, please contact HR Dept at
email =
phone = 806-333-7878
Feel free to call anytime :)

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