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Cindy’s Story –

Cindy found us on Groupon, but fortunately for her, she ended up purchasing a full beard package with the 2-year Appearance Plan. This worked in her favor, as Cindy was a “slow responder”. It took about a year, but Cindy finally achieved 95% hair free status and has became one of our latest Hair-Free customers!

Cindy loved the results so much, she decided to purchase 3 more packages during our Holiday sale. “Loved the experience. Staff is amazing. The hours are flexible.” says Cindy, “I’m thrilled with the results!”

We’re hoping to see Cindy listed here again soon for her CoolSculpting® treatments. She turned out to be a great candidate and had her first procedure on inner thighs in October. Since each treatment provides 20-25% fat reduction, she opted to do a 2nd round in December, in order to achieve maximum results. We’re all looking forward to seeing her before & after photos! If Cindy keeps this up, we may just have to make her our poster child. 🙂

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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