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Her Whole Life Has Changed!

Customer Success Story

Quin’s Story –

Quin started noticing acne on her face in high school. By the time she graduated, it was chronic and she had scars. She started down different avenues to seek a solution.

She tried birth control, & proactive. Quin couldn’t leave home without makeup, and no longer wanted to be in public. When she went to the mall, people would try to push the newest face cream on her. None of the creams ever worked.

Quin even went as far as Mexico for a chemical peel. The peel took off a layer of skin, burned her face, and made her acne worse. The burns were so bad, she had to wear bandages on it until it healed. After all the products & different treatments she had gone through, time & money wasted, no results, her frustration levels were at the max!

Quin heard about American Laser Med Spa and the Laser Hair removal services that we offer. She purchased an upper lip package, for some nagging hair on her face. She had never even heard of Mesopen, until someone explained to her what is was & that ALMS offered it!

“I saw before and after pictures from previous Mesopen patients, and was pretty amazed how clear their skin had become after Mesopen treatments!” Quin said. She finally decided to give it a try! “My face bled a lot after the first treatment, and it made my face really red & hot”.  She didn’t see a huge difference right away, but by the 4th treatment there was a huge change! “My whole life has changed!” Leslie said.

Her friends and family started to ask about American Laser Med Spa. They asked how much it cost, how much it hurt, and how long the procedure takes. She explained that the first treatment wasn’t painful, and that her whole face was numb. It never took more than 30-40 minutes, but the results have lasted for 3 years!

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