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Great Results, Only 1 Treatment!

Lacy’s Story –

Lacy found American Laser Med Spa by Googling “Laser Hair Removal”. Due to our great reviews she called us! Lacy has struggled with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) for years. She did a lot of research looking for help. She decided that laser hair removal was her best option.

Lacy came to her consult with many well thought out questions. She was on a budget but more than that, she was afraid to be let down once more. The cost was more than she was willing to risk without a guarantee. After going over all the details and educating Lacy, it had become a little bit of a challenge during the consult. Lacy decided to purchase Full Legs and a Full Brazilian laser hair removal during our June BOGO sale.

After a few weeks after her treatment, customer service received a text message asking for a call back, and that it was urgent. Lacy told customer service she was very pleased with her results! It looks funny to see patches where the hair grows back at first. But I am so happy right now”. American Laser med spa told her how happy we were for her. She posted a Google review that said, “Great results after only one treatment, going back for my second treatment next week”. The results Lacy saw, gave her hope for the very first time!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

An Answer to Her Prayers!

Customer Success Story

Alexis’ Story –

Alexis has been a patient for 1 year. She has had several different areas treated for laser hair removal. She has loved the results and referred many of her friends and family. Alexis was receiving ongoing injections that she felt caused her to continuously have to seek a solution for hair removal. She had tried many different options before coming to American Laser Med Spa. Laughing at herself, she remembered how nervous she was at her first appointment. Alexis had heard that lasers could be very painful, and scheduling an appointment was not without fear. Unsure about laser hair removal at first, Alexis chose to start with her upper lip. With all her questions and concerns answered, she began treatment the same day. Alexis remembered gritting her teeth, expecting a jolt of pain to sear through her body.

Alexis started noticing patches of hair reduction immediately. She was excited! Finally, she was seeing the results she had longed for most of her life. She was impressed by how kind and attentive the ladies were in the clinic. Each one making her appointments fast, easy and even fun. Alexis has told friends, family, and coworkers about the great results she received. “American Laser Med Spa has been an answer to my prayers. It still feels too good to be true. I will be hair-free for the rest of my life! I feel more confident now and do not avoid looking in mirrors. American Laser Med Spa has made my life less stressful. Everyone should try laser hair removal at least once.”

*Results may vary.

A Very Young 55 Year Old

Julie’s Story –

Julie came to American Laser Med Spa as many others did through a Groupon. The $99 is an eye catching price for Laser Hair Removal. Julie started with the Bikini line, full legs and was so impressed with her results she continued one area at a time. Julie like most of us women as we age, start noticing fine lines and early signs of aging. Julie wants to age gracefully but she decided to be as proactive as possible.

She inquired about non-invasive procedures done in the office that could help with the areas of concern on her face. Julie is a beautiful woman and has taken great care of herself. She knows the importance of staying active and eating healthy. She did not like the new lines forming around her eyes as she smiled. Julie just finished her 4th Mesopen treatment and absolutely loves her results! She was in Red River, and a stranger could not believe she was old enough to be a grandmother! Julie told me proudly she will be 55 yrs old this October.

She has friends and family that ask her how she stays so youthful looking? Julie’s comment is always the same “I am actively working on staying healthy and taking care of myself and my skin. Non-invasive, nonsurgical with American Laser Med Spa is the way to go!” Julie said that now when she looks in the mirror, she is happy with who she see’s smiling back at her. “Thanks to American Laser Med Spa, I can stand with confidence looking more beautiful as a very young 55-year-old. Not only am I beautiful on the inside, now it reflects on the outside.”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

10 Years & Hair Free!

Customer Success Story

Claudine’s Story –

Claudine has been living every woman’s dream. She is now 10 years of being hair free and counting! Claudine came to American Laser Med Spa on a whim. Never using a Groupon and never doing Laser Hair Removal, but the $99 price was too good to pass up.

She was able to get a consult, pay in the clinic, and be treated the same day. “The clinic had a warm and friendly atmosphere and the girls were prompt to welcome me. I never had to wait more than a few minutes”, said Claudine. After her second treatment, she was already at 30% hair reduction. Claudine was pleasantly surprised. No wait time, painless and now she was on her way to be hair free!

As the weeks turned into months and then years, Claudine kept looking in the mirror expecting at least for a hair or two to show up. By her 5th treatment, Claudine was at 95% hair reduction. “American Laser Med Spa is the real deal! I did not really expect to be completely hair-free for months at a time, much less 10 years! It saves time and is convenient”. Claudine began bragging to all of her family and friends about her great results with us.

With all the other fantastic treatments America Laser Med Spa has to offer, Claudine has CoolSculpting® at the top of her list. And this time, there’s no hesitation. “I love the amount of attention and knowledge everyone shows in the clinic. But I love not having facial hair the most. I am living every woman’s dream!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Her Whole Life Has Changed!

Customer Success Story

Quin’s Story –

Quin started noticing acne on her face in high school. By the time she graduated, it was chronic and she had scars. She started down different avenues to seek a solution.

She tried birth control, & proactive. Quin couldn’t leave home without makeup, and no longer wanted to be in public. When she went to the mall, people would try to push the newest face cream on her. None of the creams ever worked.

Quin even went as far as Mexico for a chemical peel. The peel took off a layer of skin, burned her face, and made her acne worse. The burns were so bad, she had to wear bandages on it until it healed. After all the products & different treatments she had gone through, time & money wasted, no results, her frustration levels were at the max!

Quin heard about American Laser Med Spa and the Laser Hair removal services that we offer. She purchased an upper lip package, for some nagging hair on her face. She had never even heard of Mesopen, until someone explained to her what is was & that ALMS offered it!

“I saw before and after pictures from previous Mesopen patients, and was pretty amazed how clear their skin had become after Mesopen treatments!” Quin said. She finally decided to give it a try! “My face bled a lot after the first treatment, and it made my face really red & hot”.  She didn’t see a huge difference right away, but by the 4th treatment there was a huge change! “My whole life has changed!” Leslie said.

Her friends and family started to ask about American Laser Med Spa. They asked how much it cost, how much it hurt, and how long the procedure takes. She explained that the first treatment wasn’t painful, and that her whole face was numb. It never took more than 30-40 minutes, but the results have lasted for 3 years!

*Results may vary.

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