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In Love With Results


Lauren’s Story –

Lauren is a college student that was seeking a new way to treat her occasional breakouts on her face. She found us on Groupon and called for an appointment. Berkley was very informative and Lauren was excited to be under the care of someone knowledgeable. Her skin was very dry from living in West Texas. She was happy after her first Ultrasonic Facial. She could feel an immediate difference of new smooth skin. Her foundation just glided across her face.

Lauren did break out after the first treatment, but very minimal. She didn’t have a cluster of pimples, she only had a couple here and there. Lauren told her friends and family about how advanced the technology at American Laser Med Spa was. She also refereed her friend McKenzie to the clinic. Lauren feels like she has more confidence in her everyday life and is going to continue to buy the Ultrasonic Facials from here on out.

“I am in love with the results and wish I would have taken before and after photos, because the difference is so dramatic,” says Lauren.

*Results may vary.

Happy I Chose American Laser Med Spa

Carol’s Story-

Carol shaved in the past, and tried waxing as well. “Waxing was painful and it really irritated my skin. I had a bad reaction to the waxing, so I didn’t wax again,” Carol explains. Carol decided to try an upper lip and chin package for laser hair removal.

She had a couple patches of course, dark hair, when she first started. She now has lighter and finer hairs in just a couple spots. Carol says she is between 80-90% hair free!

“I am very satisfied with my experience overall. I’ve had a good experience with my treatments, as well as, with my clinic technicians. Everyone is friendly and very personable,” Carol says. “I did have questions concerning the ice packs and how they were cleaned before being used on another patient. My question was answered very well, and I was reassured that they clean them thoroughly after every use. This made me feel good. I have been to several different laser clinics in the past, and I am very happy I chose to go with American Laser Med Spa!”

*Photo is a model, not an actual patient. Results may vary.

I give American Laser Med Spa a 10!


Karen’s story –

Karen used to shave all the time! Shaving is never fun! She was glad when she came across a Groupon special for a laser hair removal package on the underarm areas. She had talked about laser hair removal with friends. One of her friends had her toes done at American Laser Med Spa, and the hair is completely gone from that area now! This made Karen feel much better about her purchase, and she was excited to start treatment to see her results!

Karen says the treatments were a little painful (on a scale from 1-10 she was at a 2) during treatment, but immediately after treatment there was no pain at all & she felt just fine. Karen is only on her 3rd treatment of her 6 treatment plan, and says she is at 40/50% hair reduction.

“I just love everyone at the Amarillo Clinic! It is like coming to visit friends when I come up for a treatment. They are just wonderful, and always make me feel comfortable & right at home.” Karen explains. On a scale from 1-10, I give American Laser Med Spa a 10! I have had a great experience so far, and can’t wait to see my end results!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Highly Recommended!


Lia’s Story-

Lia was so tired of shaving all the time that she decided to try sugar waxing. Not only was it painful, but it took up too much time and too much money. Lia heard about laser hair removal with American Laser Med Spa in March 2016 so she decided to purchase an underarms package.  At her initial visit, she opted to add the bikini package as well.  Lia is very happy with her results from both packages after just 6 treatments!  She said she is currently at a 90% on her Bikini area & 90-95% on her underarms.

Lia says both of her technicians always explained things very well, and that she never experiences a problem during any of her treatments. She said the clinic is always nice and clean and that there is usually someone at the front desk or assistance when she comes in for her appointments. “I have recommended American Laser Med Spa to my family & friends based on my results! It is great not having to shave & wax anymore!” says Lia.

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

The Doctor Made Her Feel Important

I am Important

Mona’s Story-

Mona started with American Laser Med Spa in 2015 with an underarm package for Laser Hair Removal. She is very happy with her results, and is proud to say that she is 100% hair free on both of her underarms! She wanted to try some other areas for the laser hair removal, so she decided to also treat her Bikini area and her full legs.

She isn’t seeing the max results with her Bikini area, like she did with her underarms. But she did mention that her current technician is working with her, by paying attention to detail, and by changing her treatment settings, so she can experience the max results for that area too.

Her legs are currently at 50% hair free, and she has only been treated on those areas twice! She is very excited about her quick results on both of her legs! Mona says that the clinic is always clean when she comes in for treatment, and that the staff is very friendly. Never once has she had a bad experience with the clinic or any of the technicians.

“The clinic Manager & Customer Service have both given me their personal phone numbers, in case I have any questions, concerns, or need to get a hold of them right away. My current technician, Karolyn, really pays attention to detail. She slows down, and looks really close at the hair follicles before she makes her next pass”. Mona explains.

Mona talked with Dr. K. about some concerns she had in the past with her Bikini area. “After talking with the Doctor, I felt really good, and important to him. It really meant a lot to me, when he took time to sit and talk with me personally about the questions I needed answers to.”

“I recommend laser hair removal to everyone! I always explain to my friends & family the cost breakdown, and how the results are absolutely worth it in the long run! Who wouldn’t want to be hair free? If you don’t have to mess with shaving anymore ever again, why wouldn’t you choose to do laser hair removal??”

*Results may vary.

She Now Has Her 1st Boyfriend!

Customer Success Story

Celina’s Story-

Celina Googled laser hair removal one day, and found American Laser Med Spa. She immediately called to set up a consultation! She was self-conscience about her unwanted hair on her beard-line. “My hair was thick and course like a man’s”, Celina described. At first, she was skeptical about the results, but now she is proud and happy to say “Laser Hair Removal really does work”!

At her consult, the technician went through a power-point presentation, discussed pain, & answered all of her questions. She was really excited when she found out that she would also be treated that same day right after the consult! The first treatment went well, and she expected it to be much more painful. Celina started to see results after only her 3rd treatment of laser hair removal!

Before she started treatment, she was routinely shaving every day. After the 1st treatment, she shaved every 2 days. By the 3rd or 4th treatment she was about 80% hair free already! She told her mom, brothers, and best friend about American Laser Med Spa, and how excited she was about her results with the treatments.

The next thing on her wish-list is doing Laser Hair Removal on her legs & possibly some Coolsculpting! Celina is now more social, self-confident, and is proud to say that she currently has her 1st boyfriend! She is much happier than before, and is looking forward to even more hair free results in her future!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

PCOS & 90% Hair Free!


Sara’s Story-

Sara has been a patient with American Laser Med Spa since August of 2015. She hated the amount of hair she had, and the amount of time she spent shaving. Her cousin had referred her to American Laser Med Spa. Her cousin explained to her how great the treatments worked, and that she was already at 90% hair reduction on her packages!

Sara decided to try laser hair removal herself, after hearing this amazing feedback. Sara suffers with PCOS, and was willing to try anything at this point to change her current shaving situation. Her treatments went well from the very beginning. She is now at 90% hair reduction herself, on her full leg package!

Being hair free on her legs has built her self-confidence up tremendously. She now feels comfortable wearing shorts, & going swimming with her children. “I finally feel normal! The convenience is also awesome! I’m glad people now recognize my smile & personality instead of my facial hair”, Sara explains.

Sara is currently on 6 different laser hair removal packages for 6 different areas, with American Laser Med Spa. “American Laser Med Spa makes everything possible. You don’t have to be rich to have the treatments, and their Customer Service is excellent!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

A Very Comfortable Place


Jessika’s Story-

Jessica started her journey with American Laser Med Spa in September of 2016. She is currently on her 3rd treatment of her Full Body Laser Hair Removal package. She is absolutely amazed with her results so far! Before Jessica started treatment, she had to shave all the time. When she would shave, the hair would immediately grow back! She was the perfect candidate for laser hair removal because her hair was thick, black, and course. “I felt like a caveman before!” Jessica says.

After Jessica’s 1st treatment, she didn’t have to shave her arms for a week! She was so relieved, and hopeful for the remaining treatment results. “Lorraine is the best. She does such a good job taking care of me, and making me feel comfortable during treatment. We laugh together when talking about the pain level of the laser. It tickles! I don’t experience any pain during treatment. It reminds me of an air gun, just shooting air at me!”

Jessica describes the clinic as being clean, cozy, and warm. “Lorraine keeps the temperature nice and warm in the clinic. This makes me feel comfortable when I come in. It’s a nice ‘feel good’ before its time to start my treatment”.

Jessica is really excited for her amazing results, and feels good knowing that her 2-year package plan was worth the money and the wait!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

She is Happy & Confident Again!


Michelle’s Story-

Michelle started her journey with American Laser Med Spa in December of 2016. She is ecstatic that she is at 90% after 3 sessions! She now only a couple areas that need attention on her hormonal lines. She said her highest pain was a 2 during her treatments. The staff made her feel comfortable, and always answered her questions or concerns.

Michelle used to be embarrassed having to shave her face all the time. Her stubble grew back daily, and the hairs were black and very thick. It was hard to go out in public without worrying about people staring at her face. When she found out about American Laser Med Spa, she was excited to try something different than razors every day.

After only her 3rd treatment, Michelle has seen an improvement on her face! You can’t even see the stubble anymore! Michelle says, “I feel amazing! Feel how smooth my face is! You can’t even see hair anymore! I am so happy with my results this early in the game! Thank you American Laser Med Spa, for making me feel happy & confident again!”

*Results may vary.

She Can See a 100% Difference!


Sherrie’s Story-

Sherrie had very dark, course hair on her chin. She started shaving at a young age. As time went by she started shaving daily. She even had to use hair removal lotion every evening. She felt embarrassed of the stubble after shaving, she even felt like hiding her chin from her husband sometimes. This was a major burden for her on a daily basis.

She didn’t think she could afford laser hair removal, but then came across a promotion for packages on sale for $99 a month. She ended up purchasing a 6 treatment laser hair removal package for her chin for this price. Sherrie had amazing results the 1st couple months. During month 3 she started to get concerned, when the dark, course hair started coming back. She spoke to the clinic about this concern, and they explained to her that the full removal process does take time, and that you have to stay on track with your appointments for the best results.

Sherrie had 3 treatments to go to finish her package. She felt better after talking with the staff, and felt like she was better informed this time, then when she began her treatments. After month 4, she noticed the hair not coming back as fast. She now started to feel much better, and it even boosted her self confidence in both her work & personal life.

Sherrie has finished her 6th treatment, and says “I can see a 100% difference from where I started & where I am now. The end results are absolutely worth the time, and money spent! The staff is wonderful, and was very explanatory with the questions & concerns I had. I will continue my business with American Laser Med Spa, and I already plan to purchase another package in the future!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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