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A Very Comfortable Place


Jessika’s Story-

Jessica started her journey with American Laser Med Spa in September of 2016. She is currently on her 3rd treatment of her Full Body Laser Hair Removal package. She is absolutely amazed with her results so far! Before Jessica started treatment, she had to shave all the time. When she would shave, the hair would immediately grow back! She was the perfect candidate for laser hair removal because her hair was thick, black, and course. “I felt like a caveman before!” Jessica says.

After Jessica’s 1st treatment, she didn’t have to shave her arms for a week! She was so relieved, and hopeful for the remaining treatment results. “Lorraine is the best. She does such a good job taking care of me, and making me feel comfortable during treatment. We laugh together when talking about the pain level of the laser. It tickles! I don’t experience any pain during treatment. It reminds me of an air gun, just shooting air at me!”

Jessica describes the clinic as being clean, cozy, and warm. “Lorraine keeps the temperature nice and warm in the clinic. This makes me feel comfortable when I come in. It’s a nice ‘feel good’ before its time to start my treatment”.

Jessica is really excited for her amazing results, and feels good knowing that her 2-year package plan was worth the money and the wait!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

She is Happy & Confident Again!


Michelle’s Story-

Michelle started her journey with American Laser Med Spa in December of 2016. She is ecstatic that she is at 90% after 3 sessions! She now only a couple areas that need attention on her hormonal lines. She said her highest pain was a 2 during her treatments. The staff made her feel comfortable, and always answered her questions or concerns.

Michelle used to be embarrassed having to shave her face all the time. Her stubble grew back daily, and the hairs were black and very thick. It was hard to go out in public without worrying about people staring at her face. When she found out about American Laser Med Spa, she was excited to try something different than razors every day.

After only her 3rd treatment, Michelle has seen an improvement on her face! You can’t even see the stubble anymore! Michelle says, “I feel amazing! Feel how smooth my face is! You can’t even see hair anymore! I am so happy with my results this early in the game! Thank you American Laser Med Spa, for making me feel happy & confident again!”

*Results may vary.

She Can See a 100% Difference!


Sherrie’s Story-

Sherrie had very dark, course hair on her chin. She started shaving at a young age. As time went by she started shaving daily. She even had to use hair removal lotion every evening. She felt embarrassed of the stubble after shaving, she even felt like hiding her chin from her husband sometimes. This was a major burden for her on a daily basis.

She didn’t think she could afford laser hair removal, but then came across a promotion for packages on sale for $99 a month. She ended up purchasing a 6 treatment laser hair removal package for her chin for this price. Sherrie had amazing results the 1st couple months. During month 3 she started to get concerned, when the dark, course hair started coming back. She spoke to the clinic about this concern, and they explained to her that the full removal process does take time, and that you have to stay on track with your appointments for the best results.

Sherrie had 3 treatments to go to finish her package. She felt better after talking with the staff, and felt like she was better informed this time, then when she began her treatments. After month 4, she noticed the hair not coming back as fast. She now started to feel much better, and it even boosted her self confidence in both her work & personal life.

Sherrie has finished her 6th treatment, and says “I can see a 100% difference from where I started & where I am now. The end results are absolutely worth the time, and money spent! The staff is wonderful, and was very explanatory with the questions & concerns I had. I will continue my business with American Laser Med Spa, and I already plan to purchase another package in the future!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

Easy, Painless & 90% Hair Free!

Customer Success Story

Rene’s Story-

Rene Started her journey with American Laser Med Spa in November of 2014. Rene says, “The treatment works great! The process was easy and painless. The only thing that was uncomfortable, was the ice. The ice wasn’t fun, but I understand why it needs to be applied so much”. Rene enjoys quilting, and described the feeling as a “pin prick”, like she experiences when quilting.

Rene is currently at 90% hair free! “I feel really good, and really enjoyed the staff every time I came in. The staff was always friendly and made me feel really comfortable. The clinic was always clean and organized.” Rene has been a loyal customer since 2014, and still plans to continue services with American Laser Med Spa today.

*Results may vary.

I lost 4 inches in 2 months@

Coolsculpting B&A Stomach

*Results may vary.

A Doctor’s Compassion

You are Beautiful

Martha’s Home Story –

Martha’s Home is a local shelter for domestic abuse, drug addicts, as well as homeless women. It’s a safe place to stay and an opportunity to turn around one’s life. After seeing a local news segment on Martha’s Home, Dr. Kanase decided that he wanted to give back and support these women that had successfully taken their first steps.

Dr. Kanase offered 2 complimentary Ultrasonic Facials to be given to the women, to celebrate them, and to let them know that we as a company supported them.

A consult was given to both Debi and Gloria explaining how Ultrasonic Facials emit ultrasonic waves over the skin’s surface. These waves loosen and remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and improve blood circulation. The result: a soft, smooth, glowing complexion that lasts. As each lady relaxed and enjoyed their spa experience they told their stories of misfortune to the staff at American Laser Med Spa.

Attentive and humbled we walked the ladies back towards the entrance. Gloria gave us a big hug and said with the warmest smile “For a moment I actually forgot I no longer had my front teeth. Please tell Dr. Kanase Thank You! My face feels soft and smooth for the first time in years!” With tears in her eyes, she said “I completely forgot how it feels to be beautiful.”

At American Laser Med Spa, we strive to build a relationship of trust throughout your transformation, bringing out your natural beauty to give you the best results possible. We do this by not only employing highly trained and friendly technicians, but by also using the most innovative tools and protocols, and having our founder, Dr. Neel Kanase, overseeing the entire experience.

*Results may vary.

Results After Only 2 Treatments!


Vette’s Story –

Vette had struggled with thick, persistent hair on her legs for most of her life. She would shave in the morning, and before she left work at the end of the day, the course stubble had already reappeared.

Her dark, thick hair was extremely noticeable. This made it difficult to wear skirts or shorts that showed off her legs, much less wear a bathing suit.

Vette wanted to feel confident and not be preoccupied with stubble as she went throughout her day. She decided to try something permanent, and made an appointment at American Laser Med Spa for Laser hair removal treatments. She came to the Amarillo Clinic, and was ecstatic when she noticed results after only two treatments! She was so happy, she called her friends & family to share the news!

With her treatments over, she can now relax and wear whatever she wants with confidence! Vette say’s “I am very happy with my results! No more stubble, bumps, or embarrassment!”

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

She Can Leave Home With Confidence!

Customer Success Story

Ranell’s Story –

Ranell started noticing new areas of hair growth under her chin and neck area. She plucked thinking it would be enough to conquer the unwanted hair. She plucked for 6-7 years! During this time, she started to notice dark pigmentation under her neck. Ranell also shaved for 4 years on this particular area. The hair grew back thicker, so she decided to stop.

Ranell confided in her father, and told him the struggle with the unwanted hairs. Her father told her about Laser Hair Removal, and even offered to pay for her treatments! She started her 1st Laser Hair Removal in Dallas. When she moved to Amarillo, she found American Laser Med Spa, and considered resuming her treatments. After finding out how affordable her treatments were, she immediately booked a consult at the Amarillo Location! She started with a Groupon and then purchased a package for her neck area.

For years she used makeup products to cover or mask the discoloration and ingrown hairs. Rannel says, “Lasers made a 100% difference in my life! I don’t have to worry about my appearance like she did in the past.” She can leave home without make up with confidence! She also no longer has to shave anymore, and is very happy to say that she is 90% hair free on her neck & 80% on her beard line! Rannel states “It was well worth the investment, and I have had such a great success on my journey to living hair free!”

*Results may vary.

Living with PCOS & Ingrown Hairs

Customer Success Story

Lee’s Story –

Lee has been a patient since January 2016. She met one of our Amarillo Techs while playing softball. She confided in us with her issues with ingrown hairs and what she feels is early menopausal symptoms. Our tech convinced her to come in and give laser hair removal a chance. Lee had suffered with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) for years. Unable to have children and needing a hysterectomy in her near future, the embarrassment of the ingrown hairs and patches of facial hair had taken its toll. Lee spent endless hours plucking unwanted facial hair. She had tried sugaring also. Nothing was helping her and it was discouraging.

Lee suffered with a large cyst. She had been in the emergency room with infected ingrown hairs that became a boil. They would dig the unwanted hair out and treat the infected area. This reoccurred more often than Lee could handle. After five laser hair removal treatments, Lee has seen a reduction in ingrown hairs. She has not had to spend countless hours – not to mention pain – going to the ER. She is currently at 70% hair reduction on her jaw line, 70% on her under arms, and 40% on her bikini line – after completing five treatments!

Although the treatment has taken longer than Lee originally thought it would, the patches of hair growth have reduced. The ingrown hairs are less and less. Lee is happy that our tech took the time to encourage her to give American Laser Med Spa a chance to help with her issues. Lee has referred her friends and family to come find out for themselves the difference hair-free can make in their lives. She has also graciously given us a great Google review for the Amarillo Clinic!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

85-90% Hair Free!

Miranda’s Story –

Miranda came to American Laser Med Spa through a Groupon. She struggled with ingrown hairs & hoped to get rid of them with lasers. She was skeptical when she went in for her first treatment, doubting the process would be able to get “all” the unwanted hair. Her hair was very thick, and she hoped for it to become thinner at most. The ladies in the clinic were very kind & answered all her questions and concerns. They asked her about her pain level and she was surprised that she did not have any pain.

Miranda started telling her mom and aunt about her results at American Laser Med Spa. She wanted them to experience the same exciting results as she had. During the Black Friday season, there was an offer for a Free Ultrasonic Facial. She got her aunt to go in and get one. She too, was amazed at the way her skin felt!

Miranda explained a time when she made her boyfriend go in for an Ultrasonic Facial. Neither Miranda nor the boyfriend, had ever received a professional facial before. She said at first he did not want to go. She laughed as she took a snap chat video of him receiving the treatment. He was actually enjoying it! After the treatment, he said he really liked it and could see an immediate difference on his skin. Miranda saw a great result with her Ultrasonic Facial experience as well.

She is also loving her results with her Laser Hair Removal so much, that she decided to buy a Full Body Package! Miranda said “This is the best present I have ever bought for myself! I cannot wait until I am completely hair free!” This is something Miranda has wanted for a very long time. Miranda is currently 85-90% hair free on her under arms!

*Photo is a model, not actual patient. Results may vary.

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