Cool Sculpting For Bathing Suit Season: One Treatment. No Downtime.

For many people, the thought of putting on a bathing suit as we head into summer can start a domino effect of feelings of insecurity. Even though you may be eating healthfully […]

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Excessive Hair Growth in Women May Require Laser Hair Removal

One of the most common medical necessities for laser hair removal is the condition called Hirsutism. This is the term used when a woman grows too much body or facial hair in […]

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Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Before Summer Arrives

Unwanted hair can be the cause of insecurity in men and women alike. Some men won’t go swimming because they are embarrassed by copious amounts of hair on their backs or their […]

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The Beauty of Going From Razor to Laser Hair Removal

You’ve been shaving (or tweezing, waxing, sugaring or threading) for what feels like an eternity. You’ve recently heard about permanent laser hair removal and you’re intrigued. You think about the many benefits […]

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